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What To Do When You’ve Eaten WAY Too Much

eat too much what to do after

We’ve just celebrated one of the best holidays of the year, Thanksgiving. What a better holiday than one focused around thankful hearts and delicious food.

BUT, sometimes, a little too much of a good thing can become overkill.

And that might be how you’re feeling right now after gorging yourself on seconds, ok thirds, of that delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

So, now what to do?

Your top button is feeling a little too tight and you’re tempted to either skip meals all together or just go ham on food because the damage has already been done.

Before you jump to either one of those extremes, stop. 

There is a better way to approach the  whole “I’ve eaten a week’s worth of calories in one day” situation.

Here’s the top 8 “Do’s” and “Don’ts” you should take into consideration when you’ve overeaten:

1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

-The worst thing you could do is self loath yourself and let your self-esteem fall through the floor. EVERYBODY overeats from one time to another. We are humans and humans love food. It happens. Don’t beat yourself up for overeating. Just note in this moment how you’re feeling and ask yourself, Was it worth it? Was this a healthy choice for my body? If not, remember next time you’re tempted to overeat how you felt in the aftermath the last time you overate and maybe you’ll be less inclined to go overboard next time.

2. Don’t Step On The Scale

-You should absolutely not step on the scale the day after an overeating episode. The reason being, all the sodium you consumed yesterday will probably cause your body to retain water. Water weight will cause you to weigh more than you probably actually do. You didn’t just gain 5 pounds of pure fat yesterday, so give your mind a break and just avoid the scale altogether today. 

3. Don’t “Punish” Yourself By Doing an Over The Top Workout

-You should never punish yourself for overeating, and excessively exercising counts as a punishment if you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. By all means, if you’re feeling up to it, do a healthy workout, just don’t push yourself excessively because you were “bad”. This can develop a bad habit of overeating and over exercising in the future, which is actually a form of an eating disorder. Punishment is never the answer for overeating.

4. Don’t Starve Yourself The Next Day

-Starving yourself is also NOT the answer for overeating. Both overexercising and starving yourself are psychologically unhealthy things to do and can form a bad relationship between your body and food. So you overate? You’re NOT going to get fat overnight from ONE slip up. If you starve yourself the following day, chances are by evening you’ll be so hungry you’ll overeat again and the cycle will continue. If you’re not very hungry the following morning after you overate, eat a small breakfast or wait until you are hungry and then eat a healthy, well balanced meal. But DON’T starve yourself as a punishment because you were “bad”. This will not help you, and may do even more damage in the long run.

5. DO Listen To Your Body

-If you’re hungry for breakfast the next morning, start your day with a healthy breakfast. If you’re still full, don’t feel like you have to eat until your body tells you its hungry. Listen to what it’s telling you and you can’t go wrong. 

6. DO Remember The Truth About Fat Gain

-You are not going to gain an immense amount of weight from one overeating slip up. Remember, 1 pound is 3,500 calories. In order for you to gain 1 pound, you’d have to eat 3,500 calories MORE than your daily allotted amount. That means in order for me to gain 1 pound, I’d have to eat 5,100 calories in one day because my body burns about 1,600 calories on a normal, active day. Chances are, you haven’t actually gained as much as you think. And if you’re taller than 5’3 like me, you probably burn even more calories on a daily basis than I do. Therefore, you’d have to eat more than 5,100 calories in one day to gain 1 pound. 

7. DO Carry On With The Following Day After Your Binge As If It Was Any Normal Healthy Lifestyle Day

-Don’t continue the binge into day 2. Eat sensible portions with nutritious food, do a workout as normal, and don’t stress or think about it too much. And that’s that. 

8. DO Remember Your Why

What is the reason you want to treat your body well in the first place? For me, it’s because God wants me to honor Him with my body. I believe honoring Him with my body looks like eating healthy, sensible portions to fuel my body and exercising my body to give me energy and stay fit. When my body is in good physical condition, I have more energy to pour into my family and others around me. Your why might be the same as mine, or it might be completely different. But we all have our reasons for wanting to take care of our bodies. Remember your WHY.

what to do when you've overeaten

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