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10 Trendy and Comfortable Work Outfits on a Budget

teacher outfits on a budget

The school year is fast approaching (how is it August already?!) and with that comes back to school shopping. And I mean back to school shopping for teachers! For all of my teacher friends, you KNOW how important it is to find cute, comfortable teacher outfits for all purpose wear in the classroom.

Teachers have a unique job where they must look professional, but pencils skirts and slacks are out of the question when kneeling on the floor with students or working with Elmer’s glue. Quality, style, and comfort are at the top of the list when it comes to teacher outfits.

So what is a teacher to do?

Shop for conventional, cute, and comfortable teacher outfits of course!

trendy work outfits

Here’s 10 Trendy Pieces To Add To Your Comfortable Teacher Wardrobe!

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1. Paper Bag Tie-Waisted Pants

I love this new style of pant that is super on trend and comfortable! The bow tie defines the waist and looks extra cute with a tucked in top. These have the comfort of your favorite pajama pant bottoms while still looking work-appropriate.

2. High-Rise Ankle Pants

If you want to go for a more conventional work-pant look, you’ll love the high-rise ankle pant. They are form flattering on any figure and come in a variety of colors, both basic and bold. You can’t go wrong pairing these with just about anything.

3. Basic Tops

Every teacher has to have a simple variety of basic tops in their wardrobe. Think whites, blacks, and grays. Stripes are fun too! They can be paired with any color or print of pant and skirt and are an easy go-to on busy mornings. Just throw on a cute cardigan or jacket over your basic top and you’re good to go!

(many colors available in a 2-pack)
(14 colors available)

4. Ruffle Tops

On days where you’re feeling a little more fun, ruffle tops are a win! They look so cute pairs with straight legged pants, a midi skirt, or paper bag pants. If you choose solid colors, they can be paired with any type of printed pant or skirt you have. These are a perfect addition to any comfortable teacher outfit.

(9 more colors)

5. Wrap Dress

A wrap dress is just about the most form-flattering option you could find. The v-neck looks great on the neck line, and the wrap tie hits at the smallest part of your waist. I love that all of these are a nice modest length as well so you don’t have to worry about showing your students or coworkers more than you wanted to when you bend over to help a student at their desk. TRUST ME, I’ve seen it happen.

(9 colors, 2 styles available)
(9 colors, short sleeve and long sleeve)
comfortable teacher outfits
(8 colors available)
(short sleeve and long sleeve, 10+ colors)

6. Midi Skirts

A midi skirt falls in the same boat as the wrap dresses above in the sense that they are a nice, modest length and they define the waist well. The fun thing about midi skirts is they come in a variety of colors, prints, and styles. They look so cute and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion at school that day.

(23 patterns available)
(5+ colors)
(10+ colors available)
comfortable teacher outfits
7 colors available

7. Chambray Jumpsuit

Chambray is a popular fabric amount teachers, and these chambray jumpsuits do not disappoint! Talk about an easy, comfortable teacher outfit choice. Just throw on one piece of clothing, pair it with some sandals or flats, and you’re done! If it’s a chillier day, you could also throw on a cute cardigan or jean jacket to complete the look.

comfortable teacher outfits


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8. Jackets

A jean jacket, leather (or faux leather) jacket, and a suede (or faux suede) jacket are the perfect pieces in your wardrobe to complete any look. You could pair these with a wrap dress, a midi skirt, or pants and they’d all look great! I have a jean jacket, a tan faux leather jacket, a black suede jacket, and a blush pink suede jacket in my closet and they all get so much use throughout the school year!

9. Platform Sandals

Okay, THIS style. Coming from a girl who is 5’3 and loves any extra height she can get, I live for this style. The platform heel adds height but is comfortable! You could pair these with pants, a dress, or a skirt and they’d all look cute. Plus I love that they have a heel strap because teaching is an active job and we don’t want to be sliding out of our shoes.

10. Comfy Sneakers

Comfort is key when it comes to long hours on your feet. They make sneakers SO much cuter now than a decade ago and I am forever thankful. I pair my Dr. Scholl’s slip-ons (like the ones pictures below) with my ankle pants and a blouse and it totally works. Tip! Choose a neutral colored shoe so you can pair them with any outfit.

comfortable teacher outfits

That’s a Wrap!

I love shopping for back to school teacher outfits that I will feel comfortable and cute in all year long. Let me know what your favorite staple is in your teacher wardrobe! ūüôā And do you like prints or solids better? I think I like solid colors better, but prints can be really fun, especially in the spring! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and come back soon!

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