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The Long Waiting Season… Is Officially Over!!!

For those of you who have been reading my blog throughout the past several years, you might know that my husband and I have been in a long waiting season. This particular waiting season has been for a firefighting job for my husband, Luke. It’s been a long 4 years requiring patience and trust in the Lord. Today, I am so excited to share with you all that my husband is officially a firefighter!!! This month, he completed his year long probation in addition to a 6 month academy. But there’s a lot more to this story. It all started in 2016 when we got married and Luke began applying for firefighting jobs, but more specifically, I want to share with you how God has moved mountains for Luke, myself, and our son in the past year and a half…

In summer 2020, I was pregnant with little man and working at home as a virtual assistant for a finance company. We decided I would not go back to my 3rd grade teaching job in the ‘20-‘21 school year because I wanted to stay home with our baby once he was born in October. Luke was working as an EMT for a private ambulance company, but had been working through the hiring process since May 2020 for a firefighting job in a city about an hour away. The process did not mean he was hired, it was more like a long series of tests and interviews. However, because he was moving through the process, we were very hopeful for this potential firefighting job for Luke.

Later that month, Luke received the tough news that he did not get the job. After 4 years of applying, testing, and interviewing for various firefighting jobs against hundreds, sometimes thousands of other applicants, we were closer than ever before, but the doors closed as we were 2 months away from baby arriving. We didn’t understand, but we trusted God.

A few weeks later, just 3 weeks away from our baby’s birth, we got the best phone call of our lives. We were out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants on our “last date before baby arrives”. Luke never picks up the phone during a dinner date, but this time he picked up the phone immediately without saying a word. I knew he had an interview earlier that month, but I had no idea he could have a firefighter job offer on the table. My heart was racing as I watched Luke talk on the phone and I couldn’t even let my mind think that this might be the call we had been waiting for for 4 years.

I heard Luke say, “yes sir, I’d be honored sir”, and a few other things and I knew this was it. He hung up the phone and told me the news. I had envisioned this moment for years, but I never thought we’d have the joy of being out on a date together when receiving it. The rest of that conversation was a blur through excitement and teary eyes (from me of course).

After 4 years of applying and interviewing for firefighting jobs, Luke got hired with a fire department (that I won’t share here on the internet for safety reasons.) He applied all over our state and we were open to moving wherever we needed to, but God placed us close to my family, close to home, with our first baby just days away from being born. We could hardly believe it. God is so gracious to us. It was far better than we could have imagined.

Luke started academy when little man was just shy of 3 weeks old. Academy was a grueling 6 months of Luke’s alarm going off at 4:45am and coming home at 6pm or later 5 days per week. Every night when he got home and every weekend was spent studying. He made his very best effort to spend time with me and our baby as much as he could. I know he felt the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Academy and probation is difficult no matter what, but add a postpartum first-time mom, a newborn, and a locked-down isolating covid-world on top of that, and you’re looking at the hardest year of our life and marriage thus far. Yet God was with the us. We’ve never prayed more and leaned on Him more than we did this past year. It was an extremely hard year. But God was with us. He gave us what we needed to get through.

Fast forward to July 2021. Luke still had 4 months left of probation with the fire department. The grind was still going, but the end is in sight. Out of left field, we get the news that we have to move out of our rental house. We had envisioned staying in this house much longer, and the housing market was currently the hardest market for buyers that it’s been in years. In other words, the timing felt really hard.

But we started looking for houses on Luke’s days off. The options were slim. Starter homes were going for well over half a million dollars. After viewing houses and getting outbid for 60K over asking price on a house we liked, things weren’t looking good. But we prayed and trusted God. He has never failed us, and we knew He was working on our behalf.

On a Saturday morning, while Luke was cooking breakfast burritos for us, a house popped up on the market in our price range. I had just been viewing that neighborhood earlier in the week, thinking how amazing it would be to live there. And even better? The house that popped up was on the exact street as one of my longtime best friends who had a baby 3 months apart from little man. I was hopeful, but with the way the market is, tried hard to not get my hopes up. We immediately scheduled a tour for that afternoon, and for the first time, we both immediately absolutely loved it. We put our best offer on it, knowing we did everything we could and if God wanted us there, we would be. If He didn’t, we’d have peace knowing He had something else for us.

Well, after 3 open houses and numerous offers placed on the house after ours, we got the house. You guys. I get to be neighbors with my best friend in a city I love and raise our babies next door who will get to be little besties too! And through all of the crazy house hunting, moving into our new home, and raising our little man throughout his first year, Luke finished his probationary year strong and is now officially a firefighter. I can’t say enough how proud I am of my husband, and how thankful I am to God.

God opens doors and closes doors. God says yes and no. God takes situations that are really hard and works good out of them, far better than we could have imagined. I’m so grateful we serve a God who cares for us and loves us far more than we could ever imagine. Praise God.

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  1. Sally says

    Luke did his part and God did His. And you did yours too! You all worked together to live out an amazing testimony to God’s faithfulness.💕💕

  2. Molly says

    I’m praising God with you! You have learned so much from the past season and now get to enjoy this easier season- thank you, God!

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