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Saving Money Resources

Save Money Shopping:


I used to use Rakuten (formerly Ebates) to receive cash back from my online shopping until I discovered TopCashBack. If you’re unfamiliar with either of the sites, they both pay you cash back when you online shop at hundreds of sites including Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, Nordstrom, and more.

I did my research (see for yourself) and found out I had been missing out on a higher percentage of cash back opportunities for 3 years! Just a few of the major benefits of TopCashBack include cashback ranging from 1%-70% (Rakuten only offers up to 30%), payment via direct deposit, PayPal, or Amazon gift card, No minimum payouts, and you can get paid whenever you want.

The best part? If you join TopCashBack (it’s totally free!), you’ll get a $20 sign-up bonus when you sign up through my link, confirm your email, and earn $10 in cash back rewards. Start saving on all your online shopping by clicking the link here

Amazon Clearance

Check out Amazon Outlet – Clearance, Markdowns and Overstock Deals for the best deals possible

Walmart Grocery Pickup

Walmart Grocery Pickup is perfect if you already love to save money by grocery shopping at Walmart. All you have to do is order fresh groceries and Walmart does the shopping for you, and even loads your car for free! Here’s $10 towards your first Walmart grocery pickup. Enjoy!


I love Poshmark because I’m able to buy high quality, name brand clothing that’s secondhand but in great condition for a fraction of the cost it would be in stores or online.  Install the free app here and sign up using my code MEREDITHANNE26 to get $10 off your first order.


Ibotta is an awesome app that earns you cash back rewards and allows you to save money every time you shop. It includes many popular stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, Fred Meyer, and more. Sign up with my code here (it’s always free!) to get a $10 welcome bonus and start saving on your groceries.  

Meal Planning with $5 Dollar Meal Plan

Meal Planning has helped my family live frugally by saving so much time, money, and effort. Every weekend, I pick a time to sit down and plan out my meals for the upcoming week. Then I write out my grocery list with everything I need for the meals. That way, when I get to the grocery store, I know exactly what I need so I’m not tempted to buy the entire store. I also have all the dinner meals planned out for the week so we aren’t tempted to eat out for dinner or order a pizza.

Not Interested In Meal Planning On Your Own Time? Use $5 Meal Plan Instead. Each week you’ll receive a weekly meal plan (shopping list included!) for just $5 per month. Not sure you’ll love it?

Try $5 Dollar Meal Plan’s 14 day risk free trial for FREE by clicking here.

Save Money on Entertainment:


Groupon has saved us money on so many different activities and events. I use Groupon for everything from tickets to concerts for half price, restaurants on date night (up to 55% off various restaurants in your area), half price tickets to a water park when I was on vacation in Las Vegas, discounted mani pedi package for my wedding, and more. Use my link here to save $10 on your next purchase with Groupon! 

Save Money on Travel:


Whenever I travel, I always opt to save money by staying in Airbnb’s instead of a hotel and it saves me literally hundreds. Use this link to get $40 off your first stay with Airbnb! 

Save Money on your Dog:

Bath and Groom Him/Her Yourself

After just a few weeks of owning our labradoodle, we decided to forego spending money at the groomer every other month and give her a haircut ourselves. It turned out to be super easy and she looks great! We ordered this grooming kit online and used free advice from YouTube on how to groom our dog ourself.



Use BudgetPetCare

I’ve loved using Budget Pet Care to save money on our dog’s health care products such as flea medicine, shampoo, and more!BudgetPetCare is an online pet product store that offers a wide range of pet supplies. They offer name brand products at highly discounted prices. They offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and money back policy. Check out BudgetPetCare here to see the amazing deals they offer.