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12 Simple Ways to Save Money on your Dog

how to save money on your dog
Do you need to find easy ways to save money on your dog?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Three months ago, we adopted our sweet Chloe girl, a labradoodle who loves belly rubs and tug o’war almost as much as treats and chasing birds. We love her to pieces, which as a result caused us to spend money on her right and left the first month she came into our home. From toys to puppy training classes, the costs added up and before long, we realized we needed to find a way to curb our spending on our dog.

Fortunately, we discovered there are plenty of ways to save money on your dog while still giving them a good, healthy life. Chances are, if you’ve found yourself here, you also are looking for a way to save money on your dog. I’m sharing with you all 12 ways to save money on your dog while actually giving them a better, more healthy life than before. You, your dog, and your wallet will be happy by the end of this post.

save money on your dog

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1. Save Money on your Dog by Creating a Budget

This is the first tip for a reason, because it’s the most important. If you don’t create a budget for the amount you spend on your dog, you will make purchases right and left without thinking twice.

Trust me when I say, loving your animal will make you want to buy EVERYTHING for them. I almost just bought our fur baby a santa hat and jingle bell collar just because she’d look SO cute in it. But then I remembered we have a budget in place to control how much we spend on her, and she’d probably hate the hat anyways.

Make a realistic, but somewhat tight budget for your dog if you’re worried about your new pup racking up your expenses each month. You’ll be glad you did.

2. Save Money on your Dog by Bathing and Grooming Him/Her Yourself

After just a few weeks of owning our sweet Chloe girl, we decided to forego spending money at the groomer every other month and give her a haircut ourselves. It turned out to be super easy and she looks great!

We ordered this grooming kit online and used free advice from YouTube on how to groom our dog ourself.


3. Save Money on your Dog by Buying Dog Toys at the Dollar Tree, Grocery Outlet, or Discounted on

All of our Labradoodles favorite toys are from the Dollar Tree ($1 per toy), Grocery Outlet ($3.99 for a stuffing-less squeaker skunk), and ($1.26 for a squeaky, real leather squirrel that she can’t rip apart but certainly still works hard trying to!)

These toys have totally gotten our money’s worth because Chloe plays with them constantly but they were so cheap!

The first toy I ever bought for our dog was almost $10.00 from HomeGoods and while it was adorable, I won’t ever be spending that much on a dog toy again. Most dogs love to rip their toys apart (as Chloe most definitely does) so you might as well buy them cheap since they won’t last long.

4. Save Money on your Dog by Buying Dog Medicine through

I’ve loved using Budget Pet Care to save money on Chloe’s health care products such as flea medicine, shampoo, and more!

BudgetPetCare is an online pet product store that offers a wide range of pet supplies. They offer name brand products at highly discounted prices, which of course I love.

I feel great about purchasing my dog’s product through BudgetPetCare because they offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and money back policy. Chloe stays healthy, and I stay a happy, frugal shopper! Check out BudgetPetCare here to see the amazing deals they offer.


preview free budget worksheet

5. Save Money on your Dog by Keeping Your Dog Entertained To Prevent Valuables Getting Destroyed

There’s no better scenario for torn up pillows and gnawed on chair legs than an energetic, bored dog! You can prevent having to replace valuables and expensive home items by exercising your dog well and keeping them well entertained while your away from home.

Take them for a run or throw the ball for your dog before you leave. Then, leave them with chew toys or mind games while you’re gone to keep them entertained and not looking for something to chew to bits.

6. Save Money on your Dog by Becoming a Guardian Owner to Keep the Upfront Costs Down

I explain all about what it means to be a guardian owner in my YouTube video here on tip #6! In a nutshell, we didn’t have to pay a penny for our dog in exchange for the breeder breeding Chloe, our dog, in the future when she’s older. Once Chloe’s done being bred, the contract will be terminated and she’s our dog for good!

7. Save Money on your Dog by Feeding and Exercising Your Pet Wisely

If your feeding and exercising your dog well, your dog is more likely to have a nice, long life! Choose healthy dog food that doesn’t have fillers in it and exercise your dog daily for a happy, healthy heart!

8. Save Money on your Dog by Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

The health of your dog’s teeth is related to the health of your body. If your dog’s teeth are rotting or unhealthy, it can effect the health of their entire body because when your dog swallows, their entire system is effected. Brushing your dog’s teeth can keep their entire system healthy and will help you avoid expensive vet bills.

9. Save Money on your Dog by Using

I love using to save money! They are an awesome company that offers the best prices on dog food, toys, and pet care items to begin with. Additionally, they have amazing customer service because they’ll give you a full refund on items you buy if you no longer need them but they don’t require you to ship the items back. Instead, they ask that you donate the item to a local dog shelter to help dogs in need!

10. Save Money on your Dog by Using Coupons

Coupons are a no brainer. Use a coupon, save money! Check online for coupons at retailers like, grocery stores that sell dog care items, Petco, and more!

11. Save Money on your Dog by Teaching Basic Training Skills at Home

Puppy classes are E-X-P-E-N-S-I-V-E! Try $50 per class for the CHEAPEST options. Instead of forking up money for training classes, use YouTube videos to learn how to train your dog. For puppy/dog socialization that they’d receive from training classes, take them to the dog park for free!

12. Save Money on your Dog by Using YouTube for Training Tips

YouTube has an abundance of helpful tip videos on how to train and care for your dog. Check out YouTube videos for FREE advice and if those don’t help, then pay for advice. But always check out free advice first. YouTube has taught me how to crate train my dog, trim Chloe’s nails, give her a haircut, bathe my puppy, keep her entertained when I’m away from home, and more! FREE advice is so worth it!

And That’s a Wrap!

There you have it, 12 tips to save money on your dog! Let me know in the comments below if you found these tips helpful. Which money saving tip are you going to adapt first?

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