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QUALITY Online Thrift Stores You Probably Haven’t Heard Of Before

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If you’re a sucker for a good deal like I am, than I’m sure you’re no stranger to thrift shopping. The amazing thing about thrift stores is they’ve evolved into online stores, just like most other stores these days. The convenience of being able to shop online for good quality, secondhand items and save tons of money from your couch is nothing short of amazing.

I first began online thrift store shopping with an online thrift store, ThredUP, back in 2014, before they become incredibly popular among online influencers. While I still love this online thrift store, I knew there had to be other high-quality secondhand stores out there to shop from. Sometimes ThredUP just doesn’t have what I’m looking for, or is a bit pricier than I was bargaining for.

So I set to work researching and trying out the best online thrift stores the internet has to offer. And you’re in luck, because I’m going to share with you what I’ve found. Five fantastic online thrift stores that offer easy secondhand online shopping. These online thrift stores are definitely something to get excited about!

the best online thrift stores

This page contains affiliate links, but I would never recommend something I don’t love and use myself. If you want more information, please visit my disclosure page.

Let’s Take a Look at the 5 Best Online Thrift Stores:

1. Mercari

Type: Individual Sellers

Shipping Cost: Varies by Seller; Free and Up

Target Audience: Men, Women, Children

Name Brands: Yes

Items Other Than Clothing: Yes (Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Vintage, Beauty, Sports & Outdoors, Tech, Handmade, Home, and More)

Search options: Keyword, Category, Brand, Size, Price, Condition, On Sale, Shipping Price

Personal Review of Mercari:

I used Mercari to purchase the Dr. Scholl’s shoes pictured below. I’m a third grade teacher, which means I’m on my feet all. day. long. I was in need of a pair of cute slip on sneakers that I could dress up or down, and go with everything. I also wanted them to be comfortable. Well, friends, let me tell ya, these shoes checked ALL THE BOXES.

I did my research on what type of shoe I wanted BEFORE searching thrift stores. The Dr. Scholl’s shoes had great reviews and people who work on their feet all day said they were a must have. The only problem is, they are a little spendy. Not so spendy that I wouldn’t have forked up the money eventually, but of course if I can get them for cheaper, I’m not going to say no. On the Dr. Scholl’s website the shoes cost $59.99, and at Famous Footwear and Nordstrom Rack they cost $49.99. But I still knew I could do better.

I checked Mercari and found a brand new pair for an incredible $29.00 and FREE SHIPPING! Guys. I love a good deal. It gets me so excited. I bought them immediately before anybody else could. Even with free shipping, they arrived just 3 short days after I ordered them, and in mint condition. The seller even wrapped the box for me in wrapping paper and left a kind note saying thank you for ordering from her.

I’ve worn these shoes to work several times already and my feet haven’t been happier by the time 4pm rolls around. I give a 2 thumbs up for Mercari. They have a huge number of sellers and an abundance of high quality items for bargain prices. You can try Mercari here and get a free $10.00 towards your first purchase when you sign up using my link, my treat! And don’t worry, Mercari is always 100% free to use!


Type: Company that sends items from one main source

Shipping Cost: Free to $5.99

Target Audience: Men, Women, Maternity, Children, Baby,

Name Brands: Yes

Items Other Than Clothing: Shoes, Accessories, Toys, Games, Sports/Recreation, Movies and Books, Decor

Search options/Filters: Keyword, Type, Size, Brand, Measurements, Season, Colors, Material, Condition, Accent, Pattern, Price

Personal Review of

I used to order work clothes and casual clothes for my husband. We bought three Calvin Klein dress shirts, two collared dress shirts, and khaki pants for under $60.00 total. has great brands and like-new condition items for great prices. Some online thrift stores jack up the prices big time when it’s a well-known brand, but doesn’t, which I really appreciate since these are second hand items. I was just browsing for a dress to wear to a concert and I found a super cute christmas-sy festive plaid skirt for $4.50. That’s a steal as the skirt originally cost $69.00 and that type of skirt is trendy right now. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck for name brands, is your go-to online thrift store. You can get 20% off your purchase using my code by clicking this link. Enjoy! 🙂


3. Poshmark

Type: Individual Sellers

Shipping Cost: Varies by Seller; minimum: free shipping to maximum: $6.49

Target Audience: Men, Women, Children, Plus Size

Name Brands: Yes

Items Other Than Clothing: Clothing, Shoes, Bags, Accessories

Search options/Filters: Keyword, Brand, Category, Color, Size, Price, Condition, Type, Availability

Personal Review of Poshmark:

I’ve been using Poshmark to sell and buy gently used or new clothing since July of 2013. Poshmark is a fantastic resource for thrifters who like to search for name brand clothing and love a good bargain.

One detail I love about Poshmark that other online thrifting stores/companies don’t have is the ability to offer a lower price than the item is listed as and/or counter offer with the seller.

I’ve been in several fun bargain wars where I was able to haggle down the price anywhere from $5.00-$15.00 lower than the original listing. Poshmark also has a huge number of people using the app so I can always find what I’m looking for.

I’ve purchased a bridesmaid dress for half the price it would’ve cost at, as well as seven (yes, seven!) pairs of new or very gently used shoes, and two pairs of shorts. Poshmark is a great resource for any type of wardrobe need you might have. You can sign up for Poshmark here, or download the Poshmark app in the app store (it’s free!), and use my code “meredithanne26” to get $10.00 off your first order! 🙂

4. ReStitch

Type: Company that sends items from different locations in the United States

Shipping Cost: Varies, Free on orders $24.99 and up

Target Audience: Women

Name Brands: Yes, this site is mainly for name-brands only

Items Other Than Clothing: Shoes, Bags, Accessories

Search options/Filters: Size, Condition, Color, Length, Brand, Price, Shipping, Clearance

Personal Review of ReStitch:

ReStitch has quality clothing for great prices. I recently purchased a couple of dresses, one for winter, one for spring, and both came quickly and in brand-new condition, but for half of what they would have cost originally. I’m very pleased with ReStitch and think you will be too when you check them out. You can receive 15% off your first purchase when you use the code THRIFT15. My treat to you! 🙂

5. OfferUp

Type: Individual Sellers

Shipping Cost: No Shipping, pick up in person

Target Audience: Men, Women, Children

Name Brands: Yes

Items Other Than Clothing: Yes (Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Vintage, Beauty, Sports & Outdoors, Tech, Handmade, Home, Cars, Trucks, Furniture, Appliances, and more)

Search options: Keyword Finder and Location

Personal Review of OfferUp:

I’ve absolutely loved using OfferUp for many different secondhand finds. Half of my home is furnished with items I’ve bought from OfferUp. I’ve also made hundreds of dollars selling my own items, such as furniture and homecoming/prom dresses on OfferUp. The one downside is there isn’t shipping. However, you can search for items based on your location so it hasn’t been a problem to meet buyers in a public place near me to pick up my items. Try out OfferUp if you’re looking to thrift for anything from jewelry to cars using the link here.

6. Tradesy – Designer Brands Only

Type: Company sends from one main source

Shipping Cost: Varies

Target Audience: Women

Name Brands: Yes, only designer brands

Items Other Than Clothing: Bags, Accessories, Shoes, Weddings

Search options/Filters: Department, Sale, Size, Designer, Year Purchased, Price, Condition, Color, Material, Length, Availability, Discount

Personal Review of Tradesy:

I have not personally used Tradesy before, however I wanted to include it in this online thrift store roundup because it seems like a quality option for people who want to purchase designer items for less. You can use my code and get $20.00 off your purchase by clicking the link here.

And There You Have It, The 6 BEST Online Thrift Stores to Find Great Secondhand Steals.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and discovered a new store or two you didn’t know about before. It’s always like hitting gold when discovering a new quality thrift store to shop from 🙂 Happy frugal shopping!

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