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Do you want to save money, but don’t know where to start? Do you have credit card debt adding up but don’t know how to stop the vicious spending cycle? Are you living paycheck to paycheck but dream of what it would be like to have a plush savings account?

With this plan, my husband and I are able to save 1,000+ each month with minimal extra effort. We know exactly where our finances are going, we are growing our savings, and we don’t have to fear a financial crisis from an unexpected expense because of our budget + savings plan. Want in on the secret to how we do it?

The 12 Month Budget Binder is an easy to use budget planner, designed to make managing your finances simple and stress-free. Included in the Budget Binder is an “Incoming Money Tracker”, “Extra Monthly Expenses Tracker”, “Monthly Budget”, “Debt Payment Plan”, and a “12 Month Color-Coded Calendar” with blank boxes for each day to write down any bill due dates, pay dates, irregular expenses, and more.

What you’ll especially love about the calendar and all the pages in this 12 Month Budget Binder is you can use them year after year! The days of the month have not been filled in the boxes in order to make this 12 month Calendar usable for ANY year, not just 2018 specific. Talk about bang for your buck!

How It Works:

Each month, you’ll print a new copy of your Incoming Money Tracker, Extra Monthly Expenses Tracker, Debt Payment Plan, and Monthly Budget. You’ll slide each of these pages behind the month’s calendar page you are budgeting for (for example, January) in your binder. Now, simply fill out each page until your finances are organized and budgeted for that month. Use the calendar page for that specific month to write down due dates, pay days, and any other helpful information. Each month, you’ll repeat the same steps.

The beauty of the 12 Month Budget Binder is you can look back on past months for helpful information, and look forward to the future as you write down goals on each Monthly Budget sheet. All your finances will be organized in one, easy to use binder. No more guessing games and complicated budgeting! Just one simple, beautifully designed 12 Month Budget Binder.

As a bonus, I’ve included a Best Budget Apps guide. It gives you a few options to use if you’re brand new to budgeting and would like to use an app to track where all your money is going. That way, if you see too much money is going towards one category, say eating out for example, you can set a limit to that category so you won’t overspend. It’s completely optional to use a budget app. I’ve only suggested a few because some people find them very helpful in slashing expenses to increase your savings category.



budget binder. organize your finances, pay off debt, save for the future, and finally achieve financial freedom all with one easy to use Budget Binder.

What’s Included:

-5 detailed pages with “How To Use” bubbles explaining how to use the entire Budget Binder.

-12 Month Color Coded Calendar to write down due dates, pay days, etc (dates not numbered so you can use it year after year).

-“What Not To Forget” boxes at the bottom of each month in the calendar to write down irregular expenses (in addition to the ideas I’ve already written for you that you may come across each month).

-Incoming Expenses Tracker: A monthly tracker used to record ALL income.

-Extra Monthly Expenses Tracker: A monthly tracker used to record all extra irregular expenses that aren’t included in your regular budget.

-Debt Payment Plan: A payment plan designed to pay off your debts, one payment at a time, until they are finished once and for all.

-Simple To Use Monthly Budget: A simple monthly budget planner that combines the information from all the trackers above, as well as your normal monthly budget expenses, to give you an end result (money leftover) that you can then divide up into different savings categories as shown on the budget planner.

-Best Budget Apps Guide: Suggestions for optional budget apps you can download and use if you need a better idea of how much money is going into each category (food, entertainment, etc) so you can see where you need to slash some costs.

What You’ll Need: (Optional)

-1/2 inch or 1 inch Binder

-hole punch

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2 reviews for 12 Month Budget Binder

  1. Kelsey Adrian

    This budget binder is AMAZING for getting on top of your finances! To start off, the calendar is great and comes blank so you can use it year after year and write down the important dates such as when the internet bill is due, and rent or entertainment such as spotify and netflix. Next, the Incoming Money Tracker is great for seeing how much money you actually have coming in each month. It is split up into two income sources as well as extra income sources. The Extra Monthly Expenses Tracker is great for seeing what you spend money on every month that is truly “extra” and could be eliminated if you wanted to save more money. Under entertainment, I put spotify and netflix as well as if I saw a show or live music that month. At the end of the Extra Expenses, it’s cool to see the total of what you spend each month on extra things! The Extra expenses and the incoming money tracker logically fit into the last sheet that is entitled “Budget Month of ___”. At the end of the sheet, you subtract your income from your expenses and see what the ending balance is. This is very useful because it shows how much money I actually have left over each month that could be allocated to savings or other expenses/debt payment. In an electronic world, it is difficult to see where our money is going and can almost seem like we never can keep track of it all with bills flying here and there. That’s why I love using the budget binder because you can write down all your expenses, your income, debt payment plans, etc. and really physically see where your hard earned money is headed. I should say that I would definitely purchase again, however it’s reusable so I’ll be good for years! 🙂

  2. Emily

    Such a great tool to get your finances planned out and stay on track! I love how it’s printable year after year, so you can flip back and see how far you’ve come in 5 years and so on. Having all of your budget information in one place is extremely handy, and this binder will keep you so organized, especially with the monthly calendar!
    Some people hate the thought of budgeting because they’re afraid it will feel restrictive – but budgeting has been SO beneficial to my marriage. My husband and I don’t worry about money because we have our bills planned to be paid before the month begins, and I don’t feel guilty when I’m spending what we’ve set aside to spend in any category. This Budget Binder is a great tool to stay on the same page with your husband and help you communicate better!

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