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Pregnancy Must-Haves

These are items I deemed as “must-have” to get me through my pregnancy as comfortably as possible.

For Nausea:

Preggie Pop Drops

Ginger Tea


Ginger Chews


For Your Growing Body:


Underwire Maternity Nursing Bras from the Brand Natori

Maternity Nursing Bras (3 pack) from Amazon (not underwire)

Comfortable Bralette for Lounging



Live-In Zella Maternity Leggings

I’ve tried 4 pairs of maternity leggings now and these are my absolute favorite!!



I’ve tried 3 different brands and as far as affordability and comfort goes, these jeans from Pinkblush are my #1!


Jean Shorts:

I purchased the maternity jean shorts from Target. The denim pair fits great and is comfortable, the white pair fits big in the legs and butt and is unflattering in my opinion, so I just opted for the denim pair.


Pregnancy-Safe Acne Treatment:

Glycolic Acid:

I use this to zap my pregnancy zits on my back and face. It reduces redness, flattens zits, and heals them quickly.

Azelaic Acid:

This has really improved the look of my back after blemishes have gone away to reduce any leftover redness or discoloration. It also helps smooth the skin.


Tea Tree Oil:

It helps reduce redness and the size of your blemish overnight.


Dry/Itchy/Stretching Skin:


Organic Castor Oil for Stretching Skin

I have zero stretch marks from my pregnancy and my best friend didn’t get any from her first pregnancy either. We both used this exact brand of organic castor oil nightly for the entirety of our third trimester.




Nivea 48 Hour Moisturizing Lotion

 I put this all over my body, except my face, and it does the perfect job of hydrating my skin without leaving a sticky, uncomfortable feeling.


Sarna Itch Cream:

Works great to alleviate itchy skin during pregnancy. I especially get itchy feet so this is great to use after a shower when they are especially itchy.


Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Cream to Minimize Stretch Marks

I used this my first and second trimester. Once my belly really started getting large during my third trimester, I switched to exclusively using castor oil nightly. I’m currently 38.5 weeks at the point of typing this and I have zero stretch marks.


For Comfort While Sleeping:


Body Pillow:

LIFE SAVER you guys!!!! I started using this pillow at about 25 weeks and it has only continued to be a life saver as I’ve grown. I’m now 38 weeks with a transverse baby up in my ribcage constantly and I would be dead without this pillow.