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Organize Your Home With These Easy, Affordable Ideas

storage hacks for every room in your home

Do you feel and function best when living in a clean, organized home?

If so, I’m right there with ya. When everything is in its place, I feel at peace and can breathe.

The truth is, when everything has a place to go, it makes keeping the home clean and organized so much easier. Now that I have a baby, I don’t want to spend half my life cleaning and putting things away. And luckily I don’t have to. I can attribute that to the fact that everything in my house has a “home”. When I’m done with something, I put it in its place. It’s so easy to do this when your home is organized.

Organize on Any Budget

I organized my entire home on a budget. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get your home in order. Half of my storage items are from The Dollar Store. You can go as expensive or budget friendly as you want when organizing. I’ll share with you what types of storage items are the best for different rooms, closets, and spaces. You can either purchase from options I’ve listed below, or find your own storage options from wherever you’d like.

It might take a bit of time initially to organize your spaces, but once everything has a home, it will drastically cut down on your cleaning and tidying time, I promise! I’m going to break it down room by room and share what types of organizing products I use to keep each room organized. Let’s take a look!

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An Organized Home, Room by Room

Living Room

Both Chloe (our Labradoodle) and our baby boy love to play in the living room. Cube storage and baskets to store items come in handy for our dog’s and baby’s toys.

Behind Chloe’s crate, she has a little dog bed that is too small for her so we use it as her “toy basket” now and keep all her toys in it. In the brown basket, we store all our cozy blankets, and in the cube storage we store shoes and baby’s toys. All these storage items are great for easy cleanup and keeping items out of sight once we’re done using them.

click the image below to view/purchase:

cube storage options:

blanket basket options:

(multiple colors/patterns available)

Family Room

Our family room is the center for more playtime with baby, movie or game nights, and reading/doing computer work on the couch.

Our coffee table is great for storing more of our son’s toys, as well as miscellaneous items like headphones/ear buds, chargers, and more. Having a coffee table with storage in it is great for storing items out of site.

The tv stand is spacious for storing books, DVDs, and miscellaneous tape, tacs, pens, and pencils.

Our end tables have storage for my art supply boxes (one in each end table), as well as cube storage for miscellaneous items.

We use a big basket to store baby’s larger toy items. It will also be fun for him to dig through his toy basket and dump it out once he’s a little older and able to do so.



click the image below to view/purchase:

end tables + cube totes


click the image below to view/purchase:

coffee table with storage:

(multiple color options)


tv stand with storage:

basket to store toys:


A kitchen can be a beast to organize, but once done, it’s so easy to keep it that way.

Above our coffee maker, we have baskets to store coffee, teas, and drink mix, as well as our coffee related items like to-go cups, filters, and bean grinder.

On the counter, we have canisters to store baking/oatmeal ingredients.

Next to it, I store all my cookbooks in a cute wire basket.

In the cabinets, we have labeled containers to store food items like pasta, nuts, protein bars, breakfast food, cans and more.

Inside the drawers, containers hold items by category like “baking items” in one container and “metal items” in another.

I keep a ceramic canister on the window sill that holds all of my go-to cooking utensils for easy “grab and use” access.



click the image below to view/purchase:

oxo good grips 5 piece airtight containers:

metal basket:

drawer organizing containers – 3 piece organizer:

drawer organizing containers – 14 piece organizer:

cabinet shelf dividers – white wire:

cabinet shelf dividers – bamboo:

kitchen utensil canister:

Office Space

In our office space, which is really the dining room converted into an office, we have the desk that Luke built and a beautiful bookshelf. I love my desk! It’s so sturdy and has two open shelves to store items. Our new bookshelf holds games and books. The office feels light and clean which is really helpful when working on my blog and YouTube channel because I don’t work well in a cluttered space.

view/purchase the white bookshelf we have here

view/purchase a farmhouse style desk with storage space:

Hallway Closet

Our hallway closet isn’t “Pinterest Perfect”, but it is well organized! I used labels, chalkboard marker, and bins from The Dollar Store to organize everything into categorized bins. It makes finding and putting away items super simple.


Baby’s Nursery

Our son’s nursery is probably the most organized room in our entire house. He has so many little things like diapers, burp cloths, towels, teething toys, books, tiny clothes, tiny socks, binkies, and more. All these things have a “home” in his nursery and it makes it easy to find things and put things away at the end of each day. Also, when Grandma or Hubby are on baby duty, they can easily find what they’re looking for.

All of baby’s diapers are organized in bins on his changing table.

To the right of his changing table, the blue cart stores a multitude of items such as bibs, teething toys, baby care items, sleep sacks, and more.

In his drawers, I have little containers to organize different categories of clothes, for example long sleeve onesies, short sleeve onesies, pants, and socks.

I also store his mittens, shoes, and binkies in his drawers.

The floating shelves are used for decor, as well as books.

In his closet, I hang his zip onesies and nicer “church/special occasion clothes”.

In the cube storage, I store some of his bigger toys, extra diapers, diaper pale refills, burp cloths, washcloths, towels, and blankets. Each of these items have their own storage bin which makes finding them a cinch in a pinch.



click the image below to view/purchase:

cube storage shelves:

cube storage bins to fit the shelves:

drawer cart:

(I painted my cart blue to match the nursery)

small bookshelf:

storage bins options:


A bathroom can sometimes be the hardest space to look clean and organized because there are so many little items that are stored such as hygiene items, hair/makeup items, cleaning supplies, and more. With a little effort though, the space can be kept well organized without clutter.

bathroom counter

Both my husband and I have a small container on either side of the bathroom counter where we keep our items we use on a daily basis.

bathroom cabinet

Use small containers in your drawers and under the sink to organize items by category. I also highly recommend cleaning out items you never use in order to minimize the amount of stuff you have stored in your bathroom. Additionally, keep a bin or two of extra “refill items” such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, body wash, deodorant, etc so you won’t have to rush to the store as soon as something runs out.



under the sink:

bathroom door:

Use a hook and a hanging container to store extra items you don’t use as often. For me, that’s “special occasion” makeup I don’t use on an everyday basis such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lip colors beyond a basic nude. I also store extra unopened makeup items here to use once my current items run out.


click the image below to view/purchase:

(multiple colors of the hanging toiletry bag available)


And there you have it, an organized home! I hope you found this post useful and can take some of these organizing ideas with you to clean and organize your own home. When everything has its own space, it’s so easy to keep the house clean and decluttered. What space do you need to organize the most, and how do you plan to do it? Let me know in the comments below!

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storage hacks for every room in your home



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