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My Job is Hard… This Makes It All Worth It

Happy Friday friends! It truly felt like Friday would NEVER come.

This week was a tough one…

I felt in a constant exhausted, headachy fog throughout the entirety of every single day this week. On Tuesday I literally got sick and had to call a Hail Mary down the hall to a teacher to watch my class while I ran to the bathroom before I quite literally had a blowout in my pants from either a stomach bug or something I ate, I still don’t know. (insert emoji’s for embarrassment and crying laughter here)

Every day I’ve come home from school with a pounding headache and collapsed on the couch, completely zapped of energy. It doesn’t help that my insomnia has been acting up big time this week.

This week has been a doozie to say the least.

But one thing made it ALL worth it.

And that was leading a student of mine to accept Christ for the first time.

It brought me so much joy and encouraged me like nothing else could. My job is not easy, but being able to share the gospel with my students and openly talk about what it means to follow Jesus has made it so so worth it. This sweet student was the 4th of mine this year to accept Jesus as their Savior, and it tugs on my heart strings every time.

We have a special time each day devoted to Bible and I’m able to talk openly with my students about God, read Bible stories, pray together, and answer tough questions they have. I’m able to paint a picture of Jesus’ love for them through many different questions and scenarios they ask about. I’ve had the sweet privilege of answering so many questions for them that I had as I grew in my Faith as a young girl and I pray that what we talk about sticks with them and continues to impact them as they grow and mature into young adults.

You Might Be Thinking…What Does This Mean For Me?

I want to remind you that no matter where you work or what you do on a daily basis, you can impact others too with the love of Christ and share with them truth. There’s nothing more important you could do in this life and nothing more fulfilling. I’ve talked with my students about God and prayed with them daily and it wasn’t until the 8th month of school that this student accepted Christ. So remember, every time you talk with somebody about Jesus and share the gospel you are planting seeds and it DOES make a difference. 

I just felt it on my heart to share that with you all. It’s encouraging to me as well to keep sharing with my students and to be bold and share with my peers as well. Its not easy but it’s absolutely worth it. God bless you all!

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