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Montessori at Home Gift Guide for Toddlers

Montessori at home Furniture and Product Wishlist

In the past year, I’ve read and reread (twice!) the book The Montessori Toddler. It is one of my favorite resources to learn about my toddler’s development, interests, and capabilities. As a first time mom with my son, I had so much to learn. I devoured the book. While I can’t say I agree with everything the author shares, I have taken to heart and applied to our home many of the montessori at home approaches she shares. I love providing my toddler with many opportunities for independence.

I love to give him activities that will stretch his brain, make him think, and give him a sense of pride and accomplishment when he completes them. And I especially love having a guide that tells me a general time range of when my toddler will be interested in certain skills and activities. If you haven’t read this book, I highly recommend.

This Montessori at home gift guide for toddlers has a variety of furniture and household items that will provide your toddler (or preschooler) with opportunities for independence and will assist your child’s creative learning process. Most if not all of these items are mentioned in the book, The Montessori Toddler. I made this list to help out fellow families who want to Montessori at-home.

To read more details about each item and/or to purchase, simply click the picture and it will take you to the item. Without further ado, the list!

Montessori at Home Gift Guide for Toddlers (and Preschoolers)

click the image below to view the item on Amazon – please read my Amazon disclosure here

Stool – We love having a stool in our bathroom that allows our 2 year old to reach the sink to wash his own hands and brush his teeth. I can also move this stool into the kitchen for some cooking/baking prep with my toddler. We have this exact stool and love it! It’s solid wood, well made, and super easy to put together.


Book Shelf – The Montessori approach recommends displaying books with the cover facing out so children can easily see what each book is. Because they can’t read, they’re not able to recognize titles but rather recognize books by their cover. This book shelf is solid wood, beautiful, and perfect for displaying books facing out.


Montessori Stools and Table – I absolutely love this table and stools set. The chairs can be flipped 3 ways to be either a chair for a small toddler, and chair for a larger child, or a mini table. The bench can also be flipped to make a larger table that the 2 chairs can be pulled up to. I love all the versatile ways this little chairs and table set can be used. And the best part is your child won’t need help getting into the chairs on their own. Montessori is all about promoting independence in children so this Montessori table and chair set is perfect.

Kitchen Learning Tower – This kitchen helper is fabulous for allowing your child to see above counter height and help out in the kitchen. It’s made from solid wood and the bottom step allows small children to be able to climb into the tower easily on their own. The back safety bar keeps your little one safe as you work side by side in the kitchen.  


Stokke Trip Trap High Chair – This high chair design is so cool. This high chair will work (with adaptors) from newborn all the way through adulthood. Click the picture to take you to more pictures of the chair so you can see firsthand all the ways this chair can be used by people of all ages. A great purchase that will totally pay off over time. Also, because Montessori really emphasizes child independence, this chair is perfect because older toddlers can climb into the chair on their own.



Play Kitchen that can be Functional – Not only are play kitchens so much fun, but they also can teach valuable practical life skills to littles such as cutting fruits and veggies, filling up a cup with water, cleaning up spills, putting away groceries, and more. There are all sorts of youtube videos, instagram reels, and blog posts out there showing how people turn a basic Ikea play kitchen into a functional working kitchen with water coming out of the faucet and a cutting board in place of the stove for children to practice cutting fruits and veg.

I’ll be the first to say, you can get this play kitchen for $75+- less from the Ikea store, but if you don’t have an Ikea near you or the option to ship, this Ikea play kitchen sold on Amazon is about $75 more than what you can buy it for at the Ikea store (at the time of writing this post).


Pikler Triangle, Climbing wall, and Climbing Dome – This awesome wooden climbing set is about the same price as most well made wooden Pilkler triangles. It has fabulous reviews and is great value for what you get. We don’t have the space to store something like this in our home, but if we did I’d be the first to buy it. These are great for allowing your child to practice skills such as climbing, balancing, and more. And are great for a rainy day (or rainy season like where we live!)


Table and Chair Set – If you have an older child who may no longer fit in the Montessori weaning table and chair set but still wants a child-sized table and chair set, this is a great option! A super great price point, and well-reviewed!



Large 12-Piece Rainbow Stacker – This wooden nesting and stacking rainbow is great for creative, open ended play that will inspire hours of imaginative play and fun.



Blocks – How beautiful is this block set?! So dreamy. And also provides hours of open ended play.


Play Scarves – These are great for open ended play as well. They can be used for dress up or setting scene-scapes. For example, your child can use the green scarf for grass and the blue scarf for water when playing with farm animal figurines. Sarah’s silks sells beautiful real silk scarves, but if you can’t afford the higher end version, this is a great dupe for an affordable price.


Mini dust pan and hand broom set – My toddler absolutely loves using this little hand broom and dust pan set to sweep up around the house. Practical life activities, such as sweeping the floor, help children to feel confident and grow in their independence.

Citrus Hand Juicer – This is a great, affordable citrus hand juicer perfect for children’s small hands to help you juice citrus fruits in the kitchen. Once again, practical life activities are so great for helping your child grow into their independence and feel confident in their abilities.  

Montessori Daily Routine Cards – These are really beautiful digital download printable daily routine cards I created and sell in my Etsy shop called Raising Little Lights. They are perfect for helping your child know what comes next in their daily routine. They also help aid language development. They are a best seller and loved by many families! I’ve yet to receive a negative review about these beautiful daily routine cards.


Thank you so much for taking the time to peruse through this Amazon Montessori toddler Christmas gift guide. Of course, you can use this Montessori toddler gift guide any time of the year, or to create a wishlist on Amazon to slowly add a few of these items to your home at a time. I love providing my toddler with opportunities for independence and aiding his natural development and growth and I believe you’ll really love these products to do the same with your child. If you liked this post, use the image below to save it to Pinterest to share with others and refer back to later.  


Montessori at home Furniture and Product Wishlist


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