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6 Tips to Trim Your Waistline While Keeping your Wallet Thick!

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Two of my biggest passions in life, taking second place of course to my relationship with God, are living frugally and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The interesting thing about these two areas of my life is that it’s so easy to accidentally stop actively living them out.

For example, I’m all too capable of spending too much money without even realizing it, or worse, realizing it but not bringing the spending to a halt before the damage has been done. Likewise, it can be so easy to go a week without making healthy choices for myself before I jump back into exercising and eating fruits and vegetables instead of packaged protein bars and frozen dinners.

The good news is, I’ve discovered along the way of my many failures that there are ways to save money AND live a healthy lifestyle in a simple manner.

Let’s take a look at how to do both of those things in easy, applicable ways to everyday life:

6 Ways to Spend Less and Improve Your Health

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1. Drink Water Instead of Other Beverages, Especially When Eating Out

I’ve had one too many days where my head is throbbing like the bass in a college house party, and all because of my coffee to water ratio. It’s an easy fix! Drink more water, less other stuff. Sugary drinks, coffee, even tea won’t quench your thirst and replenish your body the way water will. And the best part, it’s free!

If you’re trying to be healthy and save money, don’t order beverages when eating out. You’ll easily add $5.00 to your bill and 100+ calories to your daily calorie bank just from a drink (and we’re talking nonalcoholic, alcoholic will do even more damage to your health and wallet).

2. Walk or Bike When Running Errands

I understand that this completely has to do with where you live. If it takes you 20 minutes to get to the shopping centers from where you live (my life growing up), than this tip can’t help you too much. However, if you live close to shopping, the bank, the post office, etc like I do, you can easily bike or walk to accomplish your errands. You’ll save gas money and get exercise in for the day. I’ve walked to Trader Joe’s for groceries countless times from my home.

An extra helpful tip: walking will cause you to spend less because you only have two hands to carry your groceries home! 🙂

3. Earn Money by Walking Dogs with Rover

Rover is an awesome business that allows you to walk dogs and get paid for it. This is a dream come true for me because I live in an apartment and don’t want to leave a dog home alone while I’m at work all day. Because of this, I’ve yet to get my own dog. But I LOVE dogs! Now all my dreams can come true by walking other peoples dogs for them after I get home from work. I can get my dog lovin’ in, while also getting exercise and earning money for it. I can’t think of a better opportunity to stay healthy and earn some money on the side. If you’re also interested in walking dogs for pay, sign up here with Rover.

4. Do Something Active for Dates/Date Night

Some of my favorite dates with Luke include riding our bikes during golden hour (when the sun is setting and has cast it’s golden light all throughout the town), exploring a new city by foot, or hiking to the top of a challenging mountain to find the most beautiful view awaiting us. Dates do not have to cost a lot of money, or even any money for that matter. They also don’t have to involve downing a 2,000 calorie bucket of popcorn at the movie theater. Start new traditions for date night that are free and active, and you might even find that you love them even more than your traditional date night ideas.

5. Split an Entre When Out to Eat

Even though I just said above to try free and active date ideas, sometimes you just want to go out to eat. I totally get it, Luke and I have been there many times. But, just because you’re going out to eat doesn’t mean you have to spend tons of money. There are ways to keep your meal light and affordable. My go-to options to keep your meal lower in calories and cost are to either order a couple of sides and make them a meal, or split an entrée with your partner. Either options allows you to spend less money and keeps the meals more reasonably portioned. Another option I use to always save money when eating out is Groupon. Groupon gives coupons to many popular restaurants, and also offers incredible deals on meal options at restaurants. Give Groupon a try by clicking this link, it’s always completely free!

6. Park in Free Lots Even if it Means Walking Further to your Destination

If you are driving into the city, it can cost a fortune to pay for parking depending on what time of the day or evening it is. Save money and get a few extra steps in by parking further away from your destination and walking. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save by parking a few extra blocks away.

See? It’s Easy to Live Healthy and Save Money!

Let me know in the comments below what YOU do to make healthy choices and save money at the same time! And don’t forget to pin this article to Pinterest if you found in helpful, or give it a share on your social media platform of choice using the buttons below.

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