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How I Make Extra Money From Home With These 8 Income Sources

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As a third grade teacher at a private school, I’m not exactly raking in the dough. Additionally, in recent years I’ve pictured myself having some sort of “work from home” job to earn extra money from home once I have kids.

Because of these two factors, I’ve been proactively finding ways to earn extra money on top of my full time job for the past 2 years. Although the income varies with each of these side hustles and sources, it all adds up. Each one is valuable to the growth of our monthly income, and I enjoy working on them.

If you’re interested in making extra money each month to support your income, you’ve come to the right place. These side hustles and sources of extra income will help you achieve your goal of earning extra money each month.

The Threefold Income Source – This Blog:

The first side hustle I started to supplement my income was this blog. I began my blog back in February 2017, and monetized it in July 2017. There are 3 ways I make extra money through my blog:

  1. I make extra money on my blog through ad income. I’ve been with Google Adsense since I monetized my blog, with the goal of using Mediavine in the near future to make a higher income through ads.
  2. I make extra money on my blog through affiliate income. This simply means I recommend products to you I personally use and would honestly recommend to family and friends, which includes you. When you use a product or service through my link, whether free (like Rakuten to save money on online purchases) or for a small price (like an item off Amazon that I use and recommend to others), I make a small commission.
  3. I make extra money selling digital resources for littles and printable wall art in my Etsy Shop. I like to my Etsy Shop from my blog and am able to make more sales from the double exposure. You can check out my Etsy shop clicking this link

4. Poshmark:

I use the app Poshmark to sell my gently used clothing and shoes that are still in great condition, but I no longer use. So far, I’ve sold $749.00 worth of clothing and shoes from my closet on the Poshmark app, which has been an extremely easy way to earn extra money each month.

5. YouTube:

In January 2019, I created my first video blog (vlog) documenting my family trip to Panama. I decided to upload it to YouTube for my family to watch and enjoy. After creating my first video, I was excited to film and create more and found a passion in it, so I decided to give YouTube a try. I’ve been creating videos on the 3 main topics that I write about here on my blog, “Faith”, “Frugal Living”, and living a “Healthy Lifestyle”. You can join me over on YouTube by clicking here, I’d love it! 🙂

6. Dividends:

I currently hold stock that receives dividends quarterly. It’s a nice bit of extra income every 3 months that I use to invest further into our Roth IRA.

7. Investing:

As mentioned above, I use the dividends received from my stock to invest in my Roth IRA. Additionally, I invest monthly into my Roth IRA, as well our ETF, using funds from mine and my husband’s monthly income. Over time, this money has grown and will continue to grow. Just by investing money, we are growing our wealth and passively “making money”.

Each month, we make sure to pay God first (tithe), then pay our future (Roth IRA, savings account, investing accounts), then pay ourselves (bills, groceries, date night, etc).

My Plan for the Future

8. Rent out an Airbnb:

This last source of income is not something I currently make money through, however it is a dream of mine I whole-heartedly believe I will achieve in the future.

I use Airbnb anywhere from 5-10 times each year for vacations and weekend getaways. I recommend Airbnb over and over again to friends and family because of the incredible experiences I’ve had in various cities, states, and countries while staying in an Airbnb.

In the future, I’d love to rent out an Airbnb to make extra money on the side, and to serve guests in a hospitable way. I’ve loved the sweet, over-the-top touches that Airbnb hosts consciously make to serve their guests and make them feel extra special. I would love to serve in this way, while simultaneously supporting our income.

That’s a Wrap on 8 Ways to Make Extra Money From Home!

I sincerely hope you’ve learned a few new ideas to make extra money in addition to your income. Which is your favorite idea? Let me know in the comments below!

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