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5 Secrets to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized with Kids

keep your home clean and organized with kids


It’s no secret that it’s difficult to keep your home clean and organized with kids running around.  I have an (almost) toddler who loves to make little tornadoes of messes everywhere he goes, but I have a few tricks in my back pocket that I always use to keep my home sparkling clean and “guest ready” in minutes. I function 10 times better in a clean home, so keeping my space organized and clutter free is a priority. Let’s take a look at 5 things to do to keep your home clean and organized with minimal effort.

5 Secrets to Keep Your Home Clean and Organized with Kids

1. Get Rid of All the Extra Junk 

A decluttered home makes keeping your home clean so much easier. I’ve decluttered, re-decluttered, then decluttered some more! Probably every 6 months I do a good clean out in my home. I go through each room and if we’ve accumulated more stuff than we use/need, I either sell, donate, or trash it. This makes keeping my house clean so much easier. A house looks and feels so much cleaner when there isn’t stuff everywhere. And the less stuff there is to put away, the less time you’ll have to spend cleaning up junk everywhere.

I’m not saying live an extreme minimalist lifestyle. I’m not a minimalist and you definitely don’t have to be one to have a clean space. However, make sure what you are storing in your family’s living space is of use to yourself and/or them. Otherwise, you probably don’t need to hang on to it and clutter up your life.

2. Keep Your Home Clean and Organized with Kids by Giving Everything In Your House a “Home”

This has been a game changer for keeping my home clean. Every single item in my house has a place where it goes. Each room has storage designated for different items that would otherwise be floating around or shoved in random spaces. When I walk into each room of my home, if an item was left out I could tell you exactly where it goes. And items are stored with other similar items, making it easy for myself and my family to find things they are looking for. Cleaning my home has become exponentially easier because of this tip.


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3. Keep Your Home Clean and Organized with Kids by Cleaning Up After Meals, During Nap Time, and After Bedtime

I used to keep my home clean effortlessly before having a baby. Now that my baby is a year old and mobile (aka tears apart my home in seconds) keeping my house clean has increased in difficulty. At first, I constantly cleaned up after my child’s messes. I essentially got nothing else done. It was exhausting.

Now, I have designated times to clean up after the little tornadoes myself and my family leave behind. I clean up after every meal so the kitchen and table are ready for the next meal. Once my toddler has gone down for his nap, I clean up any messes he has left in his wake. Finally, once he has gone down for bed, I wipe down the kitchen and dinner table and make sure everything has been put away in our living spaces. Then I can relax for the evening and wake up to a fresh clean home in the morning.

4. Vacuum, Mop, Dust, Scrub Bathrooms, Etc As You Go About Life 

I don’t have designated times to do the deep cleaning of my home. If I notice the floors look dirty, I vacuum the floors while my toddler chases me around and pulls the cord out of the wall 3,842,938 times. If my son spills milk on the floor during lunch, I’ll mop the floors in the kitchen while he continues to eat. If I take a shower and notice the tub looks like it needs a good scrub, I keep a scrub brush and shower cleaner in the shower for this specific reason so I can clean it while I shower.

It might sound a little nuts at first, but it has made keeping my home clean so easy! I just clean as I go and as I notice it’s needed. Otherwise, I don’t stress it!

Sometimes I’ll mop three times in a week, other times it might be 2-3 weeks before I mop. It doesn’t matter! I just clean as I see needed, and my home always looks clean. Unless you catch me right before my toddler’s nap, then there’s probably 800 messes everywhere from all his playtime. But that will all be cleaned up easily once he’s down for his nap. 😉

5. Don’t Stress Over the Mess

This is a huge, especially if you are a parent. Before I had a kid, keeping my home clean was so much easier. Now, I have this sweet, adorable, love of my life child who loves to destroy everything in his path. And trust me, I KNOW it will only get harder as the number of children multiplies. But it’s okay! Seriously, it is okay.

A mess is not the end of the world. It’s not a good reason to lose your cool. As much as I love having a clean home, I’ve come to realize it’s just not realistic to have a magazine worthy looking home all the time. But you know what? I would sooo much rather have messes and a family to love on than no mess at all. Mindset is everything.


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keep your home clean and organized with kids

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