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It Is In Giving That We Receive The Most

This is a different kind of blog post than I’d normally write, but it might just be my favorite blog post ever. The reason being, first, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! If you know me, you know that I love love LOVE birthdays! And I would love more than anything if you’d join me in celebrating today! 🙂

To celebrate my birthday, I would love to join together and give to others who have a greater need than we do. The Bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive, and I can attest to that. Receiving is fun, but what is better than seeing the look on somebody’s face when you give them something they truly NEED?! And knowing what we give is life changing for them is much more than just the cherry on top. We have the chance to be game changers for others, and that is what I would love, far more than anything else, for my birthday. On my own, I can help a little bit. But together, we can help A LOT.

Last year, me and a few of my friends put together homeless care packages to give to the homeless around the city where I live. This year, I want to go beyond local. There are three organizations I have in mind that could benefit greatly from our help in reaching many people all over the world.

1. To Every Tribe – Marshall and Jill: The first is the most near and dear to my heart. My brother, Marshall, and his wife, Jill, are missionaries with To Every Tribe in Los Fresnos, Texas. Their mission is to reach the unreached people groups in the world who have never heard of Jesus Christ before and do not know God’s love. Marshall and Jill have left behind a life of luxury and comfort to be the hands and feet of Jesus, by sharing His love with others. They would greatly benefit from support, both prayers and financially.

Currently, they are being trained in cross-cultural church planting both in the classroom and hands-on in northern Mexico. God willing, they will be finished with training in May. In March, they plan to take a trip to Ontario, Canada with teammates to explore what future ministry to First Nations people could look like there. You can donate to their ministry with To Every Tribe at 100% of your donation will go directly to Marshall and Jill to support their mission work.

2. Operation Christmas Child: Every year since I was a child, I’ve been able to experience the joy of packing a Christmas shoe box for children in need all over the world with Operation Christmas Child. Some of these children may have never received a gift before in their life. You get to fill the box with toys they can enjoy, hygiene items they don’t have the privilege of owning, and each box has the message of God’s love in it. These boxes are life changing for the sweet children who receive them. It’s easy and FUN to pack a box for a child, and it will bring joy to their lives through something so simple. To learn more about Operation Christmas Child, click here, and to learn more about making a shoe box and donating to cover the cost of shipping, click here.

Our Box We Packed This Past Week 🙂

Compassion International: Growing up in a family that sponsors children through Compassion International has opened my eyes to the many children who are not nearly as fortunate as I was and still am. I never had to worry about clothing, food, an education, or knowing God’s love personally. However, that is not the story for many, many, children in this world. Compassion International’s goal is to change that. Through Compassion, you can sponsor a child, giving them an education, necessities to live (food, clothing, etc), and the chance to have a relationship with God and know His great love for them. For just a bit over a dollar a day, you can drastically change the life of a child for the better. Thats far less than how much that coffee at the drive through costs, and with that money you can change a child’s life. To learn more about Compassion click here (scroll down past the grid), and to sponsor a child, click here.

THANK YOU From The Bottom Of My Heart!

Thank you so much for taking the time to celebrate my birthday with me, and prayerfully consider changing another person’s life in honor of my birthday. If you are not in a place where you can donate money, prayer is just as needed and encouraged. Please pray for these sweet children who live with so little; that they may know the love of Jesus and be rich not just by physical wealth, but especially through the knowledge of His saving love and grace for them. And please pray for ALL the missionaries who risk their lives and sacrifice so much to spread the good news of our Savior to the many unreached people in this world.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I so appreciate each and every one of you! Just having the opportunity to share with you all and pray for these people brings me so much joy 🙂 If you liked this post, please share it so others can have the chance to join me in celebrating my birthday as well. I would absolutely love that. THANK YOU!


Disclosure: 100% of your donations will go to support these organizations, I will not receive any money and that is absolutely not my intention in sharing these organizations with you.


  1. Joanne says

    Happy Birthday, Meredith! Thanks for sharing your post with us. I know I plan on helping the local organization purchase Christmas gifts for children ( they have list of child’s age and wishlist). I think of it as paying it forward.

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