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How I make Jesus A Part of My Everyday Life

how I include jesus in my every day life

I’m going to start by saying this… I am in no way living a perfect life that always honors God. I mess up and struggle daily. Which is why I need Jesus to be a part of my day, every single day. And to be honest, that didn’t come naturally. And it still doesn’t all the time. As my realization of my need for Jesus has grown over time, so has my desire to include Him in my daily life.

I have been a Christian since I was a young girl, yet my relationship with Him didn’t really form into my relationship with Him until high school and beyond. Before that, I was spoon fed the Bible through Church, Christian school, and my parent’s wise counsel. I guess you could say I took Jesus’ love for granted and it didn’t impact me nearly as much as it does now. A lot of that comes through maturity, but I think leaving home, and having to decide for myself what is important to me has made the biggest impact. I went through a year of living completely for myself and ignoring God, and it was enough to realize my great need for Jesus.

With that said… If you can relate, and you want to dig into your relationship with Jesus beyond Sunday mornings and prayer before dinner, than you’re in the right place, my friend. Let’s welcome God into every aspect of our lives and see how He works in us. There’s nothing He wants more than our heart. He knows our dirty, our broken, our shame, and yet we are the one thing He wants the most. Here are four simple ways to start including God into your daily life:

Talk to God On the Way to Work (Or Any Time Throughout Your Day)

Funny story, I did this for the first time in a long time on my way to work this past week and it’s ALL thanks to my husband. Every time Luke, my husband, gets in my car to drive us somewhere, he gets so annoyed because I have EVERYTHING going. I’m talking windshield wipers are swishing back and forth, my A/C is on max full blast, and my radio is cranked up to ear bleeding heights. He never understands why I don’t turn a single thing off when getting out of my car. In my defense, it just saves me time, ya know? Why turn it off if I’m just going to use it all again the next time I get in my car? Marriage… you don’t always see eye to eye, my friends. It’s a hoot 🙂

But anyhow, there is a point to this, I promise. Every time Luke gets out of my car, he turns everything off. Well, last week, I got into my car to head to work bright and early at 6:10am, and I forgot to turn back on my radio. I think I was still half asleep, because it took me until I was driving up the on ramp to merge onto the freeway to realize the buzzing hum of my tires on the asphalt meant I had been listening to silence the whole time. I drove a few more moments in silence, and then thought, what a perfect time to talk to God. I mean, He’s in my car with me, might as well have a chat. And for the rest of my 25 minute commute, I talked to God as if I was talking to my best friend. I shared with Him what was on my heart. I praised Him. I prayed for each member of my family. I prayed for our country and the missionaries who are risking their lives for the name of Jesus. The words kept flowing and I was loving every minute of it.

Some mornings, I need something to wake me up and lift my spirits, so I’ll listen to Christian music. But I want to make it a more regular thing where God and I talk on my way to work. Sometimes I forget He is with me every moment of my day and wants to hear from me. And when I do talk to Him out loud, I remember how much I love it.

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Listen to Christian/Worship Music

Music has a dramatic impact. One song and a rush of memories come flooding back. A particular song and your mood can turn from sour to happy, or vise versa. Ever been searching for a good song on the radio, and by the end of your agonizing search, you turn the radio off in disgust because there is nothing good on? Isn’t it funny how much music can affect our mood. Worship/Christian music is one of those things that dramatically affects my mood for the better. My to do list says I have to clean the bathrooms today? Put on christian music and belt it out. Long commute to work? Find my favorite christian radio station to turn my focus to praising God rather than grumbling over the traffic. Listening to Christian music is a simple way to turn your focus to Jesus and worship Him.

Start Your Day with Some Good Ol’ Fashioned PB +J

I have a wonderful pastor at the church I attend in Spokane, Wa. Pastor Joe brings the truth to his congregation in practical ways that stick with me so I’m able to remember and apply them to my life. He has an acronym that has stuck with me ever since I first heard it. It’s called PB + J and it stands for Prayer, Bible, and Journal. You may be physically fed first thing in the morning, but don’t forget you need to be spiritually fed with some hearty PB + J. Pray to God before you start your Bible reading, ask Him to speak to you what He wants you to learn that day. Next, read the Bible. Keep your heart open to what His word is saying to you, and as you read, journal. Write down what stands out to you, any A-HA moments, and what you feel God is speaking to you.

I’ve been a Christian practically my whole life, but only started reading my Bible daily this past year. The shift that took place wasn’t one that was forced; I just finally wanted to start reading God’s word. It wasn’t a religion thing, a rule I had to follow, or something I did to make myself feel better. I was just ready to finally make Jesus a priority and see what happened.

I started with a book of the Bible I hadn’t read before, and was amazed at how much I was learning. I was excited that I was coming across so many answers to questions I had. I was learning specific Bible references I could use when answering difficult questions others had. Who knew you could learn something from the Bible? 😉 If I miss a day of reading, I feel like I’m missing something important from my day. I haven’t gotten my spiritual nourishment. It may sound crazy to you, I’d know because when others used to say things like this to me, I’d think they were religious crazies. But I promise you, reading the Bible has brought me so much closer to God than I ever have been before. I encourage you to dig into His word and see what happens!

Just Be

I am blessed beyond belief to have the best job ever this summer. I get to nanny an adorable, sweet 8 month old baby girl. This is literally a dream job for me and sometimes I feel guilty taking the pay because I would do it for free. I love it that much. God is so good and gave me the best job I could ever ask for!

One of the many perks of this job is I get to take my sweet little friend for walks in her stroller. We do this often because there’s only so much you can do with an 8 month old. I’ve come to love our walks together because it’s the perfect time for me to just soak in God’s creation and feel at peace in His presence. Sometimes, our walks turn into prayer walks. Other times, God will put a thought into my head that speaks to me in ways I really needed. There is something so sacred about just simply “being” with God. No distractions, no music, no noise, just you and God.

In this day and age, life is so fast paced and distracting. The internet is constantly within reach, social media takes over our lunch breaks, and instagram or facebook are always there to fill a dull moment. As much as I hate that this has become a reality, I fall into the trap often. Sometimes I feel like, how is God supposed to get a hold of my heart and speak to me when I’m constantly distracted? That’s why unplugging, and just “being”  has become so important to me. It “fills my tank” and leaves me feeling refreshed.

Tag, You’re It!

I hope these ideas resonated with you and you’re able to use a few to draw closer to God. Now, I want to hear from YOU. How do you include God in your day to day life? Leave me a comment below and share with me! 🙂 Thanks so much for dropping by my little cozy corner on the web. I hope you find what you’re looking for, and always remember that you are SO loved by the one who created you.

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how I include jesus in my every day life

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  1. Sally says

    Loved all your suggestions! I love prayer walks, soaking in God’s creation and praising Him. Sometimes I try not to ask Him for anything, just praise H and thank Him for all His blessings. Love to pray in the car, hardly ever turn the radio on any more. I want to improve in memorizing scripture, working on a verse or verses everyday. Colossians 3:16 says, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom”. His word can dwell in us richly only if we know it and keep it in our hearts and minds so we can use it to speak to our hearts and to encourage others. Thanks for sharing!

    • MeredithH says

      I love that, praising Him without asking for anything. It’s easy to treat God as a “genie” sometimes and forget to praise Him for everything He’s already done and just for who He is. I also love the scripture idea, I definitely want to get back into memorizing scripture like I did in school. There are a lot of lengthy passages I’ve forgotten and want to re-memorize as well. Pastor Joe did a sermon on that not too long ago, about the importance of memorizing scripture. Love it! Thanks for sharing you ideas, I love them all!!

  2. Molly K Lewis says

    Love this! And I completely agree with Mom’s: “Love to pray in the car, hardly ever turn the radio on any more”- this is so true of me now, too. And I used to think it was a bit of a burden to do this but did it anyway, and now truly love it- all the glory to God! (And I loved the “not seeing eye to eye” story – hilarious).

  3. Hailey Gough says

    I am currently a freshman in college and have been looking to better my relationship with Jesus. I found that, while I would read my Bible every morning, after that moment, anything related to God would slip my mind for the rest of the day (or until my before-bed prayer). I love these suggestions that you’ve offered. Not only are they convenient, but I’m sure they are uplifting and will help me on my journey of getting closer to God. Thank you so much!!! 🥰

  4. Princess Sally says

    Feel so loved and blessed to came across your sharing n I m so so blessed. I have been searching about maintain a love relationship with Jesus everyday. I shall try your method for now. Thank u for a blessings in my life through this : )

  5. lisa l says

    So, I usually start my conversation with something like, “Well, Dear Jesus, I know you won’t be able to believe it but it appears I’ve SCREWED UP again!” then I laugh, or cry depending on the situation, and after asking for forgiveness and praising Him for his love and patience with me, I find I can go on with my day. Your article has shown me that I need to remember to do THIS very thing everyday. Thank you for bringing this to my mind and for a wonderful read.

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