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Healthy Wheat Free Pumpkin Cookies

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The aroma of pumpkin spice fills the air as you pop over the oven door to reveal soft but chewy, warm from the oven, pumpkin spice cookies that are actually GOOD FOR YOU. Too good to be true? I think not! These healthy, wheat free, low-sugar pumpkin cookies will satisfy every pumpkin spice craving you’ve been having. The best part? They’re so delicious you wouldn’t even know they’re good for you.

To bake these cookies, I use one cup almond flour and one cup oat flour, making the cookies wheat free. If you don’t have almond flour or oat flour, don’t worry, neither did I! All you have to do is grind raw almonds and oats in your Nutribullet or blender, one at a time, to make almond flour and oat flour. It’s so easy!

Tip: I highly recommend using a Nutribullet because of how much easier it is than using a big bulky blender. I use my Nutribullet daily, most days multiple times, to make my own grain free flour, mix up smoothies, make blender muffins, and more. The Nutribullet I use is linked at the bottom of this post under “Shop”.

The only sugar in these cookies comes from natural maple syrup (stevia is optional but not needed). These healthy grain free pumpkin cookies are low in carbohydrates because of the almond flour and are filling in the right way! I even ate one of these pumpkin cookies as a breakfast cookie alongside my greek yogurt and it made a breakfast match made in heaven 😉

grain free healthy pumpkin cookies

This batch of healthy pumpkin cookies was gone within 3 days between my husband and I. I’m guilty of having one for breakfast, another for an afternoon snack, AND a lucky third for dessert before bed. But how could I not at just 102 calories and 3g of sugar per cookie?! The nutty taste of the almond flour mixed with the pumpkin make for a unique scrumptious taste that can’t be beat. You’ll just have to see for yourself and give these healthy grain free pumpkin cookies a try!

Healthy Wheat Free Pumpkin Cookies: The Recipe!

Nutrition facts per 1 cookie:

102 calories: 6.7g fat, 9g carbohydrates, 2g protein, 3g sugar, 1g fiber

I hope you absolutely love these healthy wheat  free pumpkin cookies and now have a delicious healthy alternative to a less healthy pumpkin cookie. Let me know in the comments below if you tried these and how you liked them!

grain free healthy pumpkin cookies

Foodie Tip Just For Fun:

Before measuring sticky ingredients like maple syrup, lightly oil the measuring cup with cooking spray and rinse with hot water. You’ll no longer be left with half your measurement of ingredient stuck to the spoon!

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 healthy wheat free pumpkin cookies


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