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The Best Grocery Delivery Services For Your Budget

grocery delivery service

Why Use a Grocery Delivery Service?

Grocery delivery service may not be a complete necessity, but it certainly saves time and hassle from grocery shopping at the store.


Instead of spending your precious time off writing a grocery list, venturing to the grocery store, and fighting the weekend or evening crowds, you could simply add the items on your list to your virtual “grocery cart” online and have it delivered to your door!

Is a Grocery Delivery Service for Me?

There are a couple important key points to keep in mind when questioning if a grocery delivery service is for you. Ask yourself:

  1. Does the phrase “time is money” resonate with you?
  2. Do you have trouble with “impulse buys”? Grocery delivery service completely eliminates this issue by not allowing you to grab items off the shelf in store.

When choosing if a grocery delivery service is for you, it all depends on the way you view grocery shopping and your time.

If you enjoy spending time hopping around to 2 or 3 different stores to shop the sales, use coupons, and get the best deals, than grocery delivery service may not be for you.

However, if time is precious, a grocery delivery service may be the perfect option for you.

Which Grocery Service is Best for Me?

Of course, there are many grocery delivery service options out there, but many are expensive.

Some (Amazon Fresh) charge you over $200+ per year just to have the service. So, because we are all about saving money over here at Write Your Story, I’m going to share with you the best affordable options for your grocery delivery service.

These grocery delivery services are all highly rated and extremely reasonably priced!

When Choosing a Grocery Delivery Service, Consider This…

I’m going to be completely honest with you.

There is no budget grocery delivery service. All grocery delivery services are going to cost you more than if you were to shop at the store yourself.

By using a grocery delivery service, you are paying someone to do your shopping for you and deliver it to your door. Essentially, you are pay for 2-3 hours of work and for the gas money for delivery. So keep that in mind when considering a grocery delivery service.

Alright, with all that being said, let’s dive in to the best grocery delivery service options for you!

This page contains affiliate links, but I would never recommend something I don’t love and use myself. If you want more information, please visit my disclosure page. 

The Best Grocery Delivery Service For Dry Goods Only:

Google Express:

Google Express is a fantastic grocery delivery service for your budget because there is no annual member fee, unlike most other delivery services. Additionally, if you order $35 worth of items, your delivery is free!

The only downside is Google Express grocery delivery service does not include produce or refrigerated/frozen items.

However, if you’re the type of person that would rather hand pick your produce anyways, Google Express is perfect for you.

Availability: Add you zip code on the site to see if Google Express is available in your area.

Price: No membership fee. Free delivery on orders over $35.

Speed of Delivery: Many stores offer same day or overnight delivery, but you can expect most items to be delivered within 3 days.

Discounts: Google Express offers it’s own coupons and promotional codes.

Stores: There are hundreds of stores Google Express services. For a complete list of all stores, click here.

The Best Grocery Delivery Service For All Items:


I’ve done hours of research on grocery delivery services and out of all the competitors, InstaCart definitely seems to rise above it’s competitors in overall quality, price, and customer service.

Availability: InstaCart delivers to over 1,200 cities in the U.S.

Price: You have the option to become a member which makes delivery service cheaper, or you can pay a higher price for each delivery without being bound to a membership.

Members: Instacart’s annual membership fee is $149 ($12.41 per month) and includes free delivery for every order over $35.

Non members: You’ll pay anywhere from $5.99 to $11.99 per order depending on you overall order cost.

For both members and non members, if your order is under $35, you will be charged a delivery fee.

Speed of Delivery: You’ll receive your items the same day you ordered them. You can even receive them within 1-2 hours if you pay a bit extra. You also have the ability to schedule your delivery up to 6 days out if you want your groceries to be delivered later in the week.

Discounts: InstaCart offers coupons within its site so you can save money on certain items.

Stores: These vary on your location, but stores include Costco, Fred Meyer, QFC, Safeway, Metropolitan Market, Petco, Smart Foodservice, BevMo!, and Albertsons. Sign up for InstaCart here and receive $10 off your first order!

Grocery Delivery Service Alternative for a Cheaper Option:

After learning about the grocery delivery service options above, you may still not feel sold on the idea of paying for someone to deliver your groceries.

If you’re in that boat, you may be pleased with Walmart Pick up.

With Walmart Pick Up, you won’t have the option to have your groceries delivered to your door. However, someone will do your grocery shopping for you and have your entire order bagged and ready for pickup at your local Walmart within 4 hours of your order. They will even load your groceries into your car for you! You don’t have to pay for anything except your groceries when your order is $30 or more.

This is by far the best budget option for saving money and time on your grocery shopping.

Use this link to save $10 on your Walmart Pick Up order!

Walmart Pick Up:

Availability: Wherever your local Walmart is

Price: Spend a minimum of $30 for free service and pickup

Speed of Delivery: Your order is usually ready within 4 hours. Orders placed after 7PM will be available the following day.

Discounts: No coupons offered, however you can use the Walmart Savings Catcher app with Walmart Pick up.

Use this link to save $10 on your Walmart Pick Up order!

That’s a Wrap!

There you have it, the 3 best budget friendly and high quality options for grocery delivery service.I’d love to here from you all in the comments below whether or not you’d use a grocery delivery service and why. If you would, which will you pick?

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