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This page contains affiliate links, but I would never recommend something I don’t love and use myself. If you want more information, please visit my disclosure page. 

free resources to save money on EVERYTHING

These are all my favorite frugal living resources that have actually been worth my time in saving me money and earning me money. Each year I’m able to save hundreds using these simple hacks.

Earn Money:

Ibotta: Ibotta is an awesome cash back app that you can use on your smart phone to earn cash back rewards simply for grocery shopping! It includes many popular stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Costco, Fred Meyer, Thrive Market, and much more. When you download the app, use my referral code here to earn your first $10, and start inviting your friends to start earning huge bonuses!

Ebates: Ebates is phenomenal because you get major cash back just for shopping. Here’s how it works: When you want to shop, go to, search for the store you want to shop at, click the “shop now” button, and shop online as you would normally. Once you are ready to checkout, you’ll make your purchase, and a percentage of the purchase shows up in your Ebates account. For example, if Ebates is offering 10% cash back for shopping at Target and you buy something for $500, you’ll get $50 in cash back. Amazing right?! Use my link here to sign up for Ebates and start earning money simply for buying your everyday needs.

TIP: Download the free and easy to use cash back button on so any time you go to an online website that offers cash back through Ebates, you can click the button to automatically get cash back from your order.

BzzAgent: I cannot rave ENOUGH about BzzAgent to my friends, family, anybody who will listen! This past week I received NOT YET RELEASED brand new Rebok running shoes, Rebok capri leggings, and a Rebok workout top ($150+ value) all for spending 5 minutes answering surveys about my interests. I’m not exaggerating. The way BzzAgent works is you receive a product for a campaign in the mail, and then advertise it by talking about it to your followers on social media. You can use snapchat, instagram, Facebook, and twitter. It’s that simple! And you get to keep your products for free! AMAZING!

MyPoints:  MyPoints is a rewards program that gives you points for reading e-mails, shopping, taking surveys, doing web searches, and more. Once you earn a certain amount of points, you can redeem them for a gift card of your choice to over 75 merchants. They also offer free access to coupons to hundreds of different merchants daily. I’ve already earned a $25 AMC gift card and a $50 Amazon gift card in 2 months just by using Mypoints 5-10 minutes per day before I roll out of bed. Sign up and starts earning here

Bestmark: Who doesn’t love shopping, and EARNING MONEY while doing it?! BestMark is a fantastic company that pays you to be a secret shopper. Each week, I receive an email for shops I’m able to complete at automotive companies, computer/technology companies, retail stores, and more. You are reimbursed for what you purchase AND get payed anywhere from $10-$40+ dollars per shop.  

PINCHme: PINCHme is a free sample program that mails you free samples of products from major brands and then asks you to review those samples so they can send you more. This isn’t just one or two free samples though, you’ll get a box of free samples from PINCHme

ShopkickShopkick is an app used to earn you points as you shop, which in return can be used towards gift cards of all kind. All you have to do is whip out your phone and scan a few items on your next shopping trip or on your receipt from purchase for “kicks”. “Kicks” are essentially points that you earn for walking into stores, scanning items, and scanning receipts. Once you earn a certain number of kicks, you get awesome rewards. I’ve earned 4 free AMC movie tickets so far and am just a couple store visits away from earning my 5th. You can set your points to earn you what you want. Choose from items such as Starbucks, AMC, T.J. MAXX, and Nordstrom gift cards, perfume, electronics, sports equipment, and more.

SwagBucks: Swagbucks is an online rewards program where you can earn “Swag Bucks” and turn those “Swag Bucks” into gift cards. You can earn Swag Bucks by watching promotional videos, participating in polls and surveys, buying products (cash back), and playing games.

Paribus: Use Paribus To Get Cash Back. Prices change all the time. And that’s why Paribus works hard to get you money back when prices drop. You get the difference from the price you payed to the lowest price offered. It’s as simple as that! Sign up for free here.


Poshmark: I use Poshmark to buy and sell secondhand clothing that is in very good or brand new condition. I’ve made $276 in the past 3 months by selling used clothing, shoes, and purses I don’t use anymore. All you have to do is snap a photo, fill out a quick description, and upload it to the app. It’s the easiest money I’ve ever made.

ThredUp: ThredUp is another company I use to buy and sell clothing. ThredUp is great for buying clothes as they have name brand secondhand clothing for inexpensive prices. I bought Sam Edelman leather boots for $20 that were originally $160, and a brand new pair of Hudson jeans for $10. However, I wouldn’t advise you to sell with ThredUp based on my experience. I sent in 2 LOADED humongous bags full of designer jeans and name brand clothing and received 7$ for it all. So, like I said, for buying clothes it’s totally worth your time but if you want to sell clothing, go the Poshmark route! 

Groopdealz: Groopdealz has become my new go-to when it comes to shopping. If you’re looking for inexpensive but cute boutique jewelry, clothing, workout gear, home decor, and more, Groopdealz is it. I’ve purchased the cutest accessories, office supplies, and home decor for way cheaper than I would’ve spent at even Marshall’s or TJ Maxx.

Amazon Prime 30 day FREE trial: Amazon Prime has been mine and my husbands #1 go to this year, (and for the past 8 years of my life). I order EVERYTHING from Amazon, from fitness gear, to protein powder, to groceries, to bare minerals makeup, to hair product, WE COULD BE HERE ALL DAY. I’ll spare you. If you don’t have Amazon Prime aka FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING plus free music, free movies, free books for your reading device, etc, you’re going to want to give it a try. And lucky for you,use my link and try Amazon Prime for 30 days for FREE!

Groupon: Groupon is a deal-of-the-day recommendation service for anything from restaurants to vacations to electronics. Every 24 hours, Groupon broadcasts an electronic coupon for a restaurant or store in your city, recommending that local service while also offering you a 40% to 60% discount if you purchase that service. I use Groupon AT LEAST a few times a month if not more. I just had my oil changed at Jiffy Lube for $20 when it would’ve cost me $60 without the deal. Groupon has saved me thousands of dollars over the years. I never go anywhere without checking Groupon first.  Use my code Groupon to save $10 on your next purchase with Groupon! 

Student Deals:

Amazon Prime 50% off for students:

Amazon 90% off used textbooks:

Chegg: Chegg has saved me thousands of dollars over the 4 years that I was a college student. I rented 4-5 textbooks from Chegg each quarter, and when I had to buy a textbook, I was able to sell it back to Chegg for just a few dollars less than what I payed for. A typical textbook that cost $200 at my campus bookstore cost me only $40 to rent on Chegg. If you are a college student trying to save money and cut the corners on costs, you should be using Chegg.


Airbnb: I’ve saved hundred of dollars by staying in Airbnb’s rather than going the hotel or resort route. The beauty about Airbnb is you can choose how budget or fancy you want to go! I’ve stayed in many different types of houses, from a beautiful 5 bedroom house on the beach to a budget apartment in Las Vegas. Read about my stay in a beautiful condo on the beach in Cancun, Mexico for under $68/night hereYou can use my code to get $40 off your next stay with Airbnb!


I booked a house through VRBO on the water for my husband and his Groomsmen the night before our wedding and they had nothing but great things to say about it. The home owner even provided food and beverages for the men at no extra cost to them. What I love about VRBO is they offer pet friendly homes, apartments, and condominiums. To check out VRBO, click the orange button below.


HomeAway is another fantastic option for inexpensive but charming vacation rentals. HomeAway has over 2,000,000 vacation rentals in 190 countries, so wherever you’re vacationing to, it’s likely HomeAway has a vacation rental for you.

And That’s A Wrap! 

The ultimate guide of frugal resources to save you money! If you found this guide helpful, feel free to give it a pin using the image at the bottom of this post!

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free resources to save money on EVERYTHING