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*Any product I’ve recommended under “Shop My Favorites” is something I have used myself for a lengthy period of time and highly recommend to others. I would never promote a product that I don’t love myself. I have tried MANY other fitness products other than the items I’ve posted here. These are just my tried and true favorites that work well for me and may work well for you if you’re in the market for them. Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links that give me a small commission when purchased at no extra cost to you. Thank you!*  

I love Amazon Prime because I can ship heavy weights right to my doorstep for free! And that’s exactly what I did with my Kettlebell, my set of 10lb dumbbells, and even a 30 lb dumbbell for Luke’s birthday (not in my favorites). That poor mailman must really not like me.

15 lb Kettlebell –

 I ordered the 15lb kettlebell 2 years ago when I moved into a house with 5 other girls because I wanted to be able to do workouts in my own home. I still use my kettlebell weekly and love the versatility it gives me with workouts. I can do squats, lunges, dead lifts, core exercises, bicep curls, saws for the triceps, one arm squat clean and press, you name it! The YouTube channel HasFit has some really effective Kettlebell workouts to follow along with if you’re looking for a good place to start. In sports stores, a 15 lb Kettlebell cost upwards of 50 dollars, but I got mine for $25 dollars and free shipping. A great deal and I have surely gotten my money’s worth!

10 lb Dumbbells – 

I had been using 5 lb dumbbells since college when I do my at home workouts, but they just don’t weigh enough for me anymore. So a couple of months ago, I upgraded to these beautiful aqua colored 10 lb dumbbells and they are the perfect weight for me. At the gym, if I’m doing solely strength, I’ll use 15 lb dumbbells for arms, but when I’m doing a HIIT workout I like to use a set of 10 lb dumbells. That way I still have enough arm strength and energy to do the burpees, pushups, tricep dips; ya know. All the exercises that use body weight and not dumbbells. These weights were a way better deal than the ones I looked at at Walmart and Sport’s Authority. And once again, free shipping with Amazon Prime!

Resistance Bands – 

Resistance bands are a new addition to my workout routine as of the beginning of the summer, but I really have enjoyed using them and am pleasantly surprised with the results. To be honest, I was skeptical at first of how effective a resistance band could be, but feeling how sore my legs and booty are the next day, I highly recommend. I love these particular bands because they come in different “resistant strengths” for lack of better words. Some days I’ll use the stretchiest band and on other days when I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll use the strongest band and see how far I can go before I have to move down to an easier one. They are great for different levels so you can work your way up as you progress. And how pretty are those colors!

Wireless Headphones – 

Wanna know a secret? I bought these headphones for my husband for a birthday gift, but they have quickly become my favorite go-to headphones. He is so kind and lets me use them whenever I want; what a sweetheart 🙂 I found these on Amazon under “Best Seller” and I can see why they earned that title! They are inexpensive but the quality is phenomenal. They are soundproof so they block out all outside noise, but the beats in these little guys are impressive. What I love most is I can simply turn on my bluetooth on my phone or laptop, turn on the bluetooth on the headphones, connect the headphones through the bluetooth to my music on my phone or laptop, and then proceed to workout without having to be plugged in to anything! It makes all the jumps, hops, and skips so much easier when I don’t have to worry about being wound up in a cord. Also, because the quality of the headphones is so good, I don’t have to break my eardrum blasting them too loudly because they block out all the other outside noise. There’s nothing like some good tunes to motivate a workout and these wireless headphones do the trick!

Water Resistance Wireless Speaker – 

Sometimes, you just want to blast your music for the whole world to hear. Okay, maybe not that annoying, but I definitely love to crank some tunes when I’m working out, cooking dinner, taking a shower, or cleaning the house. This speaker is great for that! It’s water resistant so I don’t have to worry about it getting wet, and it’s volume is pretty impressive. I wouldn’t buy it for your next house party as it won’t get that loud, but for how small and compact it is, it certainly gets the job done.

Nike Women’s Flyknit Lunar3 Running Shoe – 

This is the shoe I currently have and it’s been nothing but great for me. I’m in the market for a new pair as I’ve had these for over a year now, but I wouldn’t be opposed to buying the same pair again. They are called a running shoe, but they have enough support to be a trainer as well. I wear them for all my interval training workouts. They are lightweight enough for jumping around, but are still structured enough to support my arch, heels, and legs.

Nike Women’s Free Rn Flyknit Running Shoe –

I had these shoes before my Flyknit Lunar3 shoes and I’d say these were fantastic for running but not as great for interval training. If you’re a runner, these shoes are a great choice. They are breathable, extremely light weight, and very flexible. They aren’t as good for interval training, in my opinion, because they are so flexible that when I’d do mountain climbers or burpees, my foot would slide out the back. The heel support wasn’t really there, and the sole was quite thin and bendy. But, like I said, for running, I loved these shoes! And I got compliments on them all the time 🙂