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Dollar Tree Photo Gallery Wall under $10!

photo gallery wall under $10


I love having a beautifully decorated home, but I never want to spend more money than necessary to achieve it.

I’ve always loved the idea of having a photo gallery wall with pictures of mine and my husband’s wedding, but three years had gone by and I still hadn’t create one.


Because a photo gallery wall costs SO MUCH MONEY!

If I was to buy eight 8X10 photo frames from a department store, it would cost me anywhere from $10-$100 per frame. For eight frames, that would be $80-$800 dollars! No thanks. I thought I’d just have to pass on the photo gallery wall.

But the good news is, I didn’t have to, and neither do you!

With a little bit of DIYing, I created a beautiful photo gallery wall using $1.00 8X10 frames from Dollar Tree. My wedding photo gallery wall, that I get so many compliments on, only cost me $8.00 total!

Keep reading for the step by step instructions to create a beautiful, “high end” looking photo gallery wall. Or, you can watch the video below for a video tutorial.


Materials Needed for your Photo Gallery Wall

I bought 8 gold 8X10 frames from the Dollar Tree at just $1.00 each for this project. I used this card stock paper for the white matted edge in each photo, and I used double sided tape to secure the photos to the card stock paper. I also used 5X7 photos that I had printed from Shutterfly a few years prior. Finally, we used command hanging strips to secure our photo gallery to the wall because we are renters and didn’t want to use nails. The strips have held up for almost a year since we created our gallery wall and are still going strong!

How to Make Your Photo Frames Look “High End”

First, you’ll want to remove the plastic wrapper from all your frames.

Second, remove the piece on the back of the frame that is used to prop up the frame on a table. We won’t need it and it’s cheaply made. It will come right off.

Third, remove the picture inside the frame that comes with it.

Fourth, cut your card stock paper to fit the inside of the frame.

Next, use double sided tape to secure your 5X7 photo to the center of the card stock paper. This will give it the “matted edge” look.

After that, place the card stock paper, photo facing down, into the frame. Secure the back of the frame into place, and you’re done!

Repeat all the above steps for all the photo frames you’d like to create.

How to Create your Photo Gallery Wall

DIY photo gallery wall for under $10

In my opinion, it’s easiest to hang the photo frames with a helper. That way, one can do the hanging and the other can help with making sure the photo frames are even. However, other than using a level, we didn’t measure our photo gallery wall. We just eyeballed it. So if you measure your photo gallery wall, making sure each photo is the same width and length apart from the others, I’m sure you’ll do just fine doing it yourself.

We used 8 photo frames in our gallery wall. We placed each photo frame about 2 inches apart, both length and width. Because we live in an apartment, we used command hanging strips to secure the photo frames to the wall. They work extremely well. Our gallery wall has been up for almost a year now and we haven’t had a single frame fall since our gallery wall was completed.

If you don’t care about putting holes in your wall, nails will work just fine as well.

If you are a visual learner, I recommend watching the portion of my video above where my husband and I hang our photo gallery wall. It might help to see how we did it.

And that’s a wrap, friends!

That’s how we created our beautiful wedding photo gallery wall for under $10! I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful. If you did, please give it a pin using the image below. And let me know in the comments if you plan to create a photo gallery wall of your own. I’d LOVE to know how it goes!

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Dollar Tree photo gallery wall under $10

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  1. Molly B says

    Beautiful! I’ve made a Dollar Tree frame photo gallery, too, of Great Britain travel photos, but I’ve added to it bit by bit, and my spacing between photos isn’t anywhere near as nice as yours, whoops, haha. Good work!

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