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Count Your Blessings Part 1

At the church Luke and I are attending, we are currently taking a young marrieds class that is focused around a book we are reading called, “The Good and Beautiful God” by James Bryan Smith. Each week, it has an application to incorporate into your daily life called “soul training”. For example, last week our “soul training” was to take five minutes out of each day to just simply “be”. Don’t do anything. Just sit, lay down, whatever, for 5 minutes and don’t do ANYTHING. For some of us, this was a monumental task because we don’t know how to find that “off switch” throughout the day. But when we did follow through with the 5 minutes, we found that it was a breath of fresh air and acted as a recharge for the rest of our day. This week’s soul training is all about blessings. We are being asked to “count our blessings”. How easy is it to focus on the trials and negatives of life and pass by the vast amount of blessings we take for granted each day?! I am so blessed! But I don’t thank God often for His many blessings in my life, or even stop to think about what am I blessed with. I have become numb, in a sense, to the showers of blessings I receive daily. It’s not that I don’t feel thankful, I just simply have taken them for granted.

Well, enough is enough, and it’s time to break the cycle of passively letting blessings go by without stopping to smell the roses. Throughout this week I have kept a small notebook with me in my dress pocket while teaching or in my purse while out and about and I’ve been writing down each blessing that makes itself known to me.  I’m going to continue this until our next meeting on Sunday. Now, to me, a blessing could be as simple as the sound of rain as it raps on the rooftop. I LOVE that sound and consider it a blessing. I mean, truly it is because if I didn’t have a roof over my head I couldn’t hear that sound. To you, blessings may look a little different. Blessings certainly come in different shapes and sizes but I want to write down ALL THE BLESSINGS, big and small, as I intentionally notice them throughout my daily life.

My hope is that by changing my mindset to focus on the blessings in life rather than the little inconveniences or larger trials, I can diminish that gray cloud from blocking the sunshine in my life that could have been a beautiful day if I had chosen to recognize it. Coming this Sunday, I will post “Part 2” to this blog post, which will be my list of blessings I intentionally noticed throughout the week and how my changed mindset affected each day of my normal work grind week. STAY TUNED 🙂


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