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30 Cool Gift Ideas Under $30 For Him + Her

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Christmas will be here before we know it which means it’s time to get our Christmas shopping done, especially if we want the best deals! I’ve compiled a list of 30 cool gift ideas that are all under 30 dollars, AND qualify for free shipping with Amazon Prime! Whether you’re shopping for him or her, these cool gift ideas are sure to please any family member, friend, spouse, or loved one. Here’s to your one stop Christmas shopping without even having to leave your house (or change out of your sweatpants, I see you 😉 Happy shopping!

Cool Gift Ideas For Her:

Rose gold Bluetooth Headphones: Bluetooth headphones are the next best invention after cell phones. And rose gold is a fan fav among the ladies so these rose gold bluetooth sound canceling headphones are a win-win for any music loving girl in your life.

Travel Mug: For the woman who can’t live without her coffee and shiny pretty things, this champagne gold travel mug is a must have.

Ashley G. for Blue Sky 2017-2018 Weekly + Monthly Planner: This planner is a perfect match for the girl who loves to be organized in a fashionable way. (ahem, that would be me.)

Anker SoundCore mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker: This bluetooth speaker is the best gift for any girl who loves music. With 15 hours of continuous play time and wireless bluetooth connection, who wouldn’t love jamming out with this new champagne gold bluetooth speaker.

90 degree by Reflex High Waist Power Flex Legging: I was told these pretty little gems are a Lululemon dupe. Thousands of people agree. (These are selling out FAST.) These leggings are a best seller and the quality is unbeatable for the price (under $25). Not in love with the color? Don’t worry, there are 25 more colors to choose from.

Soma BPA free 17oz Glass Waterbottle: Considering everyone loses about 5 waterbottles a year (No? Just me…), any girl could use a glass waterbottle. Especially one as cute and sleek as this one.

Daisi Facial Cleaning Brush: It’s like your best friend’s Clarisonic face brush, just a billion times less expensive 😉 (and no judgement, because guess who has a Clarisonic face brush sitting on her counter. This girl. Wish I had known about this little number before emptying my wallet for the Clarisonic Mia.)

14k Rose Gold Ball Earrings: Because what girl doesn’t want a little rose gold accent in her life? These beautiful 14k rose gold ball earrings will go with every outfit, completing each look with a bit of a classy flare.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo: This Living Proof Dry Shampoo is the best thing a girl could do for her hair if there’s no time for a hair wash and blow dry that day. This dry shampoo works magic, but won’t break the bank!

Baseus Magnetic Cell Phone Mount: Well, you don’t want your girl getting caught with a cell phone in her hand when Mr. Cop is driving right behind her, do you? This cell phone mount solves that problem 😉 Plus, she’ll love that she can throw her phone onto it without dealing with an annoying clampy thing on her dash. Not a fan of the color? There are 5 colors to choose from 🙂

Umbra Sling Sink Caddy: Once again, this gift is inspired by the clean organized neat freak in me. This sink caddy gives me allll the heart eyes. No more soapy brush sitting in a pile of gunk at the bottom of your sink (and then being used to clean the glass you’ll put your mouth on. Gross.) Know a neat freak in your life? She’ll be giving YOU the heart eyes when you buy her this 🙂

Kate Spade Out To Lunch Gold Polka Dot Lunch Box: This is a great gift for a girl on the go! There’s something about having your lunch in a beautiful Kate Spade lunch box with gold hardware that makes a crusty tuna fish sandwich taste a thousand times better.

All Natural Pink Clay Exfoliating Face Mask: This 100% Natural and Vegan face mask is perfect for giving skin that hydrated glow in the dead of winter. No fillers, just botanicals and clay.

Oliver Rocket 6 Organic Bath Bombs: What girl doesn’t love getting a bath bomb for a gift? Bath time is best when it’s enjoyed with a fragrant, fizzing bath bomb. The perfect way to unwind and relax at the end of a long day.

ILNP Juliette Rose Gold Nail Polish: So your girl can ring in the New Year in style. This sparkly rose gold nail polish is the perfect addition to any gloomy day.

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Cool Gift Ideas For Him:

OotnZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker: Heavy on the bass, light weight for travel, and waterproof. What more could a guy want in a bluetooth speaker? This the the perfect gift for the music lover in your life.

Topwell Handmade Walnut Wood Watch With Brown Leather Strap: This handsome, hand-made wood watch with a leather strap is perfect for any casual outfit. It’s no Rolex, but it looks great at an affordable price.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones: Bluetooth headphones are a must have. Especially if your guy loves to listen to music while being active. No more spending 17 years untangling your headphones wires before you can get your workout started. (You know that’s been you). My husband has these and loves them, just sayin’.

Henly: Because every dude looks good in a Henly. (more colors available)

Joggers: The guy version of yoga pants. Here’s to staying in your “pjs” all day without looking like a scrub.

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug: You know it does… don’t deny it. This is the perfect gift for the jokester in your life.

Sunglasses: You really can’t go wrong with a good pair of sunglasses. These are made with real wood, and the classic black frames will go with anything.

AUGMYER Camping Hammock: Know an outdoorsy guy in your life who would love to jump on the hammock bandwagon? Picture this: a glistening lake, sunshine and mid 80s, burgers sizzling on the grill, and a hammock with a view. Sold.

OURAI laptop case: Now the guy in your life can tote around his laptop with this handsome laptop case. This gray will go with all attire and he’ll feel ready to conquer in the professional world with this case in hand.

Stanly Classic Thermos: This thermos is the perfect gift for that man in your life who loves to take hiking trips in the backcountry, or for the man who loves to keep his coffee hot on the way to work in the morning. Either way, it’s a crowd pleaser!

Bodum Glass Coffee Mugs: Handsome and trendy looking, the coffee loving guy in your life is sure to love these classic glass coffee mugs.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Electric Cooker: This is an awesome gift idea for the breakfast lover in your life. My husband would be ALL over this. I think he ate breakfast sandwiches for 3 months straight the first year we dated.

How To Stay Alive In The Woods: I mean… it’s important to know, right? Now you can feel safe in the wilderness with your man on your next hike and he’ll feel like your knight in shining armor with all this newfound knowledge.

HDE Novelty $100 USD Toilet Paper: Because what dude doesn’t want to wipe his butt with hundred dollar bills?

Leather Journal: This is the perfect gift for the man in your life who loves to draw, take notes, make shopping lists, Bible journal, or really anything that requires paper and a pen.


And that’s a wrap! 30 of the best gifts money can buy all under 30 dollars. Now you’ll be eligible for “best gift giver award” WITHOUT blowing your savings. And there’s nothing quite like the joy of giving an awesome gift to a special loved one for Christmas that know they’ll love. If you liked these 30 cool gift ideas, would you do me a favor and share the pin below to Pinterest? And don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll never miss a post again! cool gift ideas under 30 dollars

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30 gifts under $30 BEST amazon gift guide for him + her #giftguide #christmasgiftguide #amazongiftguide #amazonchristmasgiftguide


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