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Build Your Own Work Capsule Wardrobe to Save Time, Money, and Closet Space

There are many great reasons to have a work capsule wardrobe. For one, it saves a ton of money using 10-15 pieces to create 30+ outfits you can wear all season. Second, you can avoid having a closet full of clothes that you never wear. Third, you can easily pack half of these pieces in a carry on and have an entire week or two worth of outfits for vacation, business trips, you name it. Capsule wardrobes are the BEST. If you haven’t tried one yet, I’m here to turn you into a believer.

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What’s in my Work Capsule Wardrobe?

First, let’s take a look at the 15 items I used to create the 33 different looks I’ve pictured at the end of this post. If you like any of the items listed below and would like to add them to your own capsule wardrobe, simply click on the image and it will take you to the website where you can view pricing, sizing, etc, and purchase the item if you’d like. (This page contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item listed below, I may receive a very small commission. If you’d like more information, please visit my disclosure page.)

My Work Capsule Wardrobe:

3 pants

striped flare pant with tie waist 

Army/Olive Green Cargo Pant 


Grey Skinny Pant

4 shirts

White and Black Polka Dot Blouse

White & Flower Blouse 


White V Slit Blouse 

Black Chiffon Short Sleeved Blouse

1 dress

2 sweaters

Grey Long Sweater Cardigan

Pink Cropped Sweater Cardigan 

1 jacket

Jean Jacket

2 scarves

2 pairs of shoes

tan booties

black strappy sandles


The Work Capsule Wardrobe

For my work capsule wardrobe, I picked colors that could intermix with each other and not clash. The color palette I chose is black, white, grey, pink-y colors, dark green, and navy blue. When you choose a color palette with complimenting colors, it makes creating a capsule wardrobe effortless because everything will go well together. I stuck with 15 items because I truly didn’t need any more items to create plenty of looks in my wardrobe.

To be honest, I could’ve created even more than 33 looks in this work capsule wardrobe, but my sweet, amazing husband was taking all the pictures for me and I didn’t want to make him hate me by the end of the evening lol. So 33 pictures/outfit changes was enough 🙂

Let’s take a look at all the outfits I created!

15 Items turned into 33+ Outfits

































































And there you have it!

It’s not difficult at all to create a work capsule wardrobe that you can use all year round. I’m a 3rd grade teacher, so my outfits are practical for an elementary school setting. You may choose to create a dressier work capsule wardrobe, or maybe even more casual than mine (hello, jeans and leggings). It’s all up to you how you’d like to create your own wardrobe. The key is sticking to a color palette that compliments each other and you’re good to go. Enjoy your capsule wardrobe and ALL the space you’ll now have in your closet! 🙂

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work wardrobe capsule tips and tricks to create your own #workcapsulewardrobe #capsulewardrobe #workwardrobecapsule

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