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8 Family Game Night Ideas To Try Tonight

family game night ideas

It’s family game night, but all you have in the game cabinet is an old beat up version of Monopoly (that you’ve NEVER actually finished) and Scrabble that the kids always get bored playing and end up in a fight. It’s time to freshen up the game night ideas and I’m here to help! I’ve rounded up 8+ game night ideas that the whole family will love and will surely end in belly-aching laughter rather than tears and bickering. Get excited for your holiday family game night ’cause it’s about to be a blast and a half!

This page contains affiliate links for your convenience for two of the games listed. If you want more information, please visit my disclosure page. To purchase a game (2 games have purchasing options) simply click on the picture.

1. Jingle Bell Toss –

family game night ideas

This is a great game for all ages, especially for people who love games like corn hole. Simply toss the jingle bells into the cups until you’ve scored a bell into every cup. The first person (or team of two) to get all the cups out wins! Read more about this game at

2. Holiday Family Feud –

It’s just like the classic game Family Feud on television, but it’s holiday style and comes with free printables of all the answers in pdf form you can print to use rather than an electronic board. This popular game has gotten hundreds of thousands of downloads and is a fan favorite! Check it out at

3. Saran Wrap Ball Game –

family game night ideas

This game is so simple yet hilariously fun. All players stand in a line, and the saran wrap ball starts with the player on the far left. When the person in charge yells “go!” the first player starts unwrapping the saran wrap ball while the player to their right has a pair of dice they are trying to roll doubles with. Once they roll doubles, they pass the dice to the right and the player with the ball also passes to the right. This continues until the ball has been completely unwrapped! The goal is to unwrap as many treats wrapped up in the saran wrap as possible before you have to pass the ball to the next player. To read more about this game and get ideas to fill your saran wrap ball with, visit

4. HUGE Hardwood Jenga Game –

This game is great for players ages 6+ and is exactly like your childhood favorite game Jenga, except one little catch… it’s GIANT. The game contains 54 blocks that stack to 3+ feet! It’s all the fun of classic Jenga, yet much more exciting because it’s GINORMOUS. 

5. Stick It To Santa’s Beard! –

game night ideas

This super fun game is great for all ages, and could be fun with parents vs kids! All that goes into this game is one person makes a beard out of shaving cream and the other players throw cotton balls or marshmallows at the beard, trying to get them to stick! It’d be fun to have the parents wear the beard and the kids throw the marshmallows/cotton balls. Read more about this game at

6. Watch Ya’ Mouth Family Edition –

This game has been an absolute hit in 2017! They way it works is 3-10 players wear cheek retractors and speak phrases while their teammates guess what they are trying to say. The game is family friendly and includes 143 family-safe phrases. You’re whole family will be aching with laughter when you play this game at your next family game night.

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7. Five Game Night Ideas Using Just Paper and Pencils –

game night ideas

Carolyn from Simple Play Ideas shares 5 game night ideas that require only paper and pencils. The games all have a “modify it” section as well if you are including young kiddos. Telephone, picture and caption style, is my favorite game idea from the list, but go ahead and check out the rest of the games on to see which one(s) you’d like to try!

8. Minute To Win It Game Night (10 game ideas) –

game night ideas

Heidi from Happiness Is Homemade shares 10 wildly fun “minute to win it” game ideas that are perfect for all ages. From “cookie face” to “stack attack”, each game consists of a task you have to complete in 1 minute or less. Check out all 10 game ideas at

And That’s A Wrap!

21 family game night ideas that will bring your family game night to the next level! You won’t have to drag your kids off their electronics next time after they experience what fun a game night like this can be. 😉 If you liked this post, don’t forget to share this list on Pinterest with the pin below. And don’t forget to subscribe using the form in the sidebar so you won’t miss another day of Countdown to Christmas in this 25 day series!! 🙂cool gift ideas under 30 dollars

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family game night ideas

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