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8 Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021


Decorating for Christmas is one of the most joy-filled things we do each year. It’s like taking a ginormous bag of holiday cheer and unloading it into every nook and cranny of your home. However, decorating for Christmas has unfortunately become quite over-commercialized. Store ads and influencers make us feel like we need to keep up with the trends and spend more money.

Well, don’t worry friends. If you’re reading this and already feel like you don’t measure up, stop right there. Christmas is about FAR MORE than spending money on the new trends, which, by the way, who decided to eliminate all color in 2021? Neutrals are fine, but I don’t want everything in my home and on my body to be neutral. Color is beautiful! Anyway, I digress… You can decorate for Christmas, make your home absolutely beautiful, and celebrate the season without running to Home Goods or Target and blowing all your money on Hearth and Hand. I see you…

In this post, I’m sharing 8 dirt cheap ways to decorate for Christmas in 2021. And I promise you, your house will be beautiful by the time you’re done.

8 Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021

1. Decorate your Home with Greenery From Your Yard

I understand that not everyone has pine trees in their backyard like I do. I live in the beautiful PNW and can find greenery pretty much everywhere. We recently had a wind storm. This meant all I had to do was pick up pine branches that had fallen and snip holly off the holly bush. Within minutes my home was ready to have its halls decked with all the beautiful greenery.

If you CAN get christmas-y greenery from your back yard, do it!! It’s free, of course, and looks beautiful! But if you can’t, no worries. The Dollar Tree and most craft stores sell greenery that is fake and can be re-used year after year. Hobby Lobby usually runs 40 or 50% off sales on their holiday stuff. Snag greenery when it’s on sale and use it for years to come. Greenery around the home is one of the cheap ways to decorate for Christmas in 2021 on a budget.  

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021 \Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021  

2. Thrift Christmas Decor

Visiting a thrift store is just about as routine to me as going to the grocery store is for you. I love a good quality thrift find, and Christmas decor is no exception. Where I live, Goodwill has gotten pretty expensive (expensive for a thrift store). If that’s the case for your area, check independently owned thrift stores first for the best deals, and hit up Goodwill for whatever else you need. I thrifted a few new things to decorate my home with this year. Among those things was this beautiful wreath for our dinner table. It was just $3.99.  

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021


3. Repurpose Items You Already Have

For my decor this year, I used greenery from my yard for several decor pieces, and used several glass vases I already had. If you have vases, containers, lights, etc that you use year round but can repurpose them for Christmas decor, do it!  


Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021


4. Reuse Christmas Decor Year After Year

The majority of my Christmas decor has been reused year after year. The best way to save money on Christmas decor is to use what you have and stop changing how you decorate every single year. If you’re trying to save money on Christmas decor, limit yourself to only buying new things if they have special meaning, purpose, or you truly need them.  

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021


5. DIY Christmas Decor

Not only do I love a good thrift find, but I also love a good DIY. This Christmas, I DIYd a few super simple decor pieces to spruce up our home for the holiday. I used vases and jute twine I already had, greenery from my yard, and baked a few naval oranges. Easy peasy, and beautiful!  

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021


6. Shop Sales at the End of the Year (to save items for following Christmases)

This is a no brainer, but worth mentioning. There are always sales on decor after the holidays. Shop big sales at all the stores you love for Christmas decor. However, only buy if it’s truly a good deal and it’s something you know exactly what you’ll use it for.  

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021


7. Shop the Dollar Store & Target Dollar Spot

The cute little wooden nutcrackers pictured below are from The Dollar Tree. The Christmas tree and bottle brush tree are from the Target Dollar Spot. If you need a few smaller decor pieces, dollar stores and the Target dollar spot are great places to shop.  

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021


8. Be Thankful for What You Have and Stop Wanting More

It’s wonderful to decorate for Christmas and enjoy the holiday cheer that the season brings. But it’s wise to not get wrapped up in wanting more stuff and forgetting the whole reason we celebrate Christmas. If you are a Christ follower like myself, you probably celebrate Christmas to remember the amazing gift of Jesus the King humbly coming to earth as a poor baby boy. He did this knowing He would later take the sins of the world upon Himself in order to save us from eternal separation from God.

If you don’t believe that, you still most likely believe Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to share gifts and love with one another. Neither of those things are focused on stuff. All of this is to say, remember why you celebrate. Let that be the focus of your Christmas season, not materialistic stuff.

Cheap Ways to Decorate for Christmas in 2021  

Let Me Know Down Below…

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to be a money stressor. Remember these 8 cheap ways to decorate for Christmas in 2021, and you’ll be set for all the years to come! Comment below, what’s your biggest takeaway from this post? How will you decorate for Christmas this year?

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