56 Super Fun Date Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

fun date ideas


Back when Luke and I were dating, then engaged, we made a couple “date jars” and filled them with popsicle sticks that had date ideas written on each one. The idea was to draw a stick when we wanted to spend some quality time together and whatever was on the popsicle stick, that’s what we’d do! We still have those date jars. One is “fall season” themed, another has no category other than fun dates we thought of off the top of our heads, and the third is from my bridal shower and was contributed to by all my guests!

In this post, I’m compiling all of the fun date ideas from these three date jars! Each jar will have it’s own column with all the dates inside the jar listed below it. I won’t include any repeats so don’t worry about that. And most of these dates are super cheap or free, which I always appreciate 🙂  Let me know in the comments which date do you want to go on?!

1. “No Theme” Date Jar

-Game Night (bonus: buy a new game to try first!)


-Bonfire with Blankets at the Lake

-Wine Tasting

-Go to Favorite Breakfast Cafe and Have Brunch/Do Bible Devotions Together

-Go out for Dessert

-Bowl During Happy Hour

-Find a Cheap $5 Movie Theater Near You and See Whatever is Playing that Night

-Ice Skating or Roller Blading (depending on the season)

-Go to the County Fair

-Visit the Library

-Read Books by the Fireplace with Favorite Drink

-Have a Picnic in the Park

-Visit a New Restaurant

-Visit a Theme Park

-Rock Climbing

-Fly Kites on a Windy Day

-Take Dance Lessons Together

-Go to the Christmas Tree Farm/Apple Orchard/Flower Festival/Pumpkin Patch etc (depending on the season)

-Go to a Concert

-Watch an Older Movie Neither of You Have Seen

-Go to Goodwill or any Thrift Store and Pick Out Something Funny or Meaningful for Each Other

-Get Coffee and Visit a Bookstore

-Cook a Candlelit Dinner Together

-Stargaze Far from the City to Get the Best View

2. Bridal Shower Guests’ Contribution Date Jar

-Make Cookies Together for your Neighbors

-Go to a Nearby City on a Train and Explore

-Pottery and Paint Date

-Take a Walk in a New Area

-Go Kayaking or Bike Riding and Pack a Picnic Lunch

-Order “Date in a Box” Online – Lots of Fun, Creative, Affordable Dates

-Find a Paint + Sip Groupon Couples Night Edition

-Go on a Picnic!

-Ride the Big Wheel on Waterfront in Seattle (Washington Locals)

-Have a Campout and Watched Movies with S’mores

-Make Dinner Together

-Walk on the Beach in the Evening with a Picnic Dinner

-Pitch a Tent, Campout and Snuggle

-Drive in Movie Theater with All the Blankets!

-Go on a Hike and Picnic at the Top

3. Fall Theme Date Ideas

-Visit a Pumpkin Patch

-Go Apple Picking

-Visit a Corn Maze

-Make Pumpkin Pie

-Drink Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and Peruse a Bookstore

-Rake and Jump in the Fall Leaves

-Make a Romantic Candlelit Dinner and Serve Spaghetti Using Spaghetti Squash

-Go to a Fun Sports Restaurant to Watch a Football Game

-Create a Fall Craft with Leaves or Pumpkins

-Bake Pumpkin Brownies

-Carve or Paint a Pumpkin

-Roast Pumpkin Seeds and Enjoy Together

-Go for a Hayride

-Make Spiced Apple Cider and Drink on a Walk through a New Town You Haven’t Explored

-Visit a Local Fair

-Purchase Fall Produce from a local Farmer’s Market and Make a New Recipe with it


There you have it! 56 of the best, fun date ideas! Which will you try on your next date? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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