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5 Easy Spring Dollar Tree DIYs Inspired by Pottery Barn Products

5 Easy Spring Dollar Tree DIYs Inspired by Pottery Barn Products

If you’re a fan of creating beautiful home decor that’s super cheap and doesn’t require much effort, these DIYs are for you! I love to do DIY projects, but my artistic and creative ability is somewhat lacking. So when I do create DIY projects, they are simple. But simple is not a bad thing! And it most certainly can still be beautiful, as you’ll see from the following easy spring DIY projects.

For these spring DIY projects, I used materials from Dollar Tree, as well as a couple of vases/pots I had on hand. All of them I either recycled or bought at Goodwill/Value Village. Thrift stores are the best place to buy glassware and flower pots if you ask me. It will save you lots of money, and we know I’m all about saving a dollar wherever I can.

Alright, without further ado, let’s get into these DIYs.

Rather watch? You can view the full length tutorials for these 5 Spring DIYs below or here on YouTube

Potted Ombre Roses

Spring Dollar Tree DIYs

For the ombre potted roses, I used this white pot I had on hand and three colors of rose bunches from the dollar tree. Inside the pot, I inserted a foam cube. I then cut the stems of the rose bunches to the length I liked using wire clippers. After that, I stuck 3 stems of the lightest color pink roses first into the left side of foam cube in the jar. Then, I stuck 3 stems of the darker pink roses into the middle, and finished with 3 stems of the coral roses on the right side of the pot. And that’s all that was to it! Super easy and beautiful.

Cotton Tail Sprigs in a Jupe Twine Jar

For the cottontail sprigs, I used three of these for one dollar apiece from The Dollar Tree. In order to mask that they are fake, I put them in a glass bottle and wrapped the top half of the bottle with the jute twine to cover up the fake stems. A super easy but beautiful statement piece for the mantel or anywhere in your home.

Faux Succulent Arrangement

This fake succulent pot is my favorite DIY from the bunch. Succulents can be so expensive, but these three succulents only cost me three dollars from The Dollar Tree. I bought the marble pot from Value Village for $2.99 and put a square piece of floral foam inside of the pot to place the succulents on. Then I cut a square of fake moss, which you can purchase at The Dollar Tree, and tucked it into the edges of the square foam to create a base that looked like grass/moss. Next, I hot glued the succulents onto the moss and that was it! So easy, but it looks expensive and beautiful.

Hoop Wreath with Ombre Roses

The floral hoop wreath uses a wreath form, jute twine, and 2 bunches of roses. All of these products can be purchased at The Dollar Tree for a total of $4.00. First, I used wire clipper to clip off the inner circle of the wire wreath form. I then wrapped the hoop frame in jute twine, hot glueing it onto the wreath form as I went. Next, I used my wire clippers to clip off 2 coral colored roses and 3 blush pink colored roses. I hot glued them onto the bottom of the wreath. Finally, I made a loop out of the jute twine at the top of the wreath to hang it with. The perfect floral centerpiece for your spring decor and it only cost $4.00.

Floral Greenery Stems in Water (to look real…shhh!)

Finally, our last DIY. This is by far the easiest and I wouldn’t totally classify it as a DIY, however it does add a beautiful spring floral touch to my home so I had to include it. I purchased 2 of the pastel greenery stems from the Dollar Tree and put them into this glass jar I had on hand.

TIP: If you buy a single serving of Twinbrook milk from the grocery store, it comes in this cute little jar that you can repurpose.

I then placed the greenery stems into the jar and added water to give it more of a “real” look, which I think we achieved quite nicely. And that’s it! The easiest of all DIYs and it add a fresh, floral vibe to your home for just a couple bucks.

And that’s a wrap on the Spring Dollar Tree DIYs!

If you liked these spring Dollar Tree DIYs, please let me know in the comments below. Which one will you recreate for your home? And tag me on instagram @writeyourstoryblog to show me your beautiful DIYs.

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Spring DIYs Dollar Tree

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