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30 Cool Gift Ideas Under $30 for Him + Her Christmas 2019

gift ideas for him and her

As you’ve heard it been said, “It’s better to give than to receive”.

With that being said, today’s post is all about gift giving!

I’ll be sharing with you all 30 cool gift ideas under $30 for Christmas 2019. This gift guide features 15 gift ideas for him and 15 gift ideas for her. With a variety of options, you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift for every adult on your list this year.

You’ll be able to check Christmas gift shopping off your Christmas to-do list in no time. And don’t forget to check out my Christmas gift guide from last year here!

Let’s dive into it:

30 Cool Gift Ideas Under $30 for Him

This page contains affiliate links, but I would never recommend something I don’t love and use myself. If you want more information, please visit my disclosure page. 

Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws, Nails, and Drill Bits: – Got a handy man in your life? This magnetic wristband is perfect to hold all the bits and screws in one place for easy working. 30 cool gift ideas under $30

11-in-1 Credit Card This simple tool fits right inside a wallet and functions as a bottle opener, screwdriver, saw, ruler, wrench, and more. It even comes in a faux leather sleeve to keep it safe. 30 cool gift ideas under $30

Memory Foam Slipper (5 colors/styles available) – These comfy, memory foam slippers are perfect for slow weekend mornings and are still masculine enough to step outside and grab the paper without the fear of a neighbor seeing you. Portable Bluetooth Speaker – You truly can’t get enough use of out a portable bluetooth speaker. Whether on vacation at the beach or camping at the lake, this bluetooth speaker comes in handy on all your adventures. 30 cool gift ideas under $30

Yeti Insulated Stainless Steel Cup – Got a coffee lover in your life? The Yeti insulated coffee cup will keep your drink hot or cold for hours so you won’t have to rush to drink your coffee or other beverage of choice. It’s big too so you can forget about having to refill throughout the morning.

Starbucks Gift Card – Just a little treat to fill up your Yeti coffee cup with. 30 cool gift ideas under $30

Travel Laptop Backpack – This backpack has a sleek, masculine design and is the perfect size to store your laptop safely. There’s plenty of room to fit other books and items as well. 30 cool gift ideas under $30

Waist Belt Running Pouch Belt – If you have a runner enthusiast in your life or your guy simply likes to work in the yard, this waist belt is perfect for hands free movement when listening to your favorite music or podcast. 30 cool gift ideas under $30

  Hammock – Hammock-ing has turned into quite the popular activity these days and it’s no wonder why. Simply strap up by the lake, in the mountains, or at the park for some nice relaxing with the coolest view around.

30 cool gift ideas under $30

Weekend Canvas Duffle Bag – Wanna get away? Now you can with this handsome weekender bag. The perfect amount of storage for a weekend spent in a fun new location. 30 cool gift ideas under $30 USB Charger Port – Ever been sitting on the couch with a few friends and wanted to charge multiples phones/devices at once? This charger port makes it easy to do just that. It comes in a variety of colors too to fit the vibe of whatever room you choose to keep it in. 30 cool gift ideas under $30 Flannel Shirt – A perfect shirt for camping, hiking, working in the yard, or any casual wear.

30 cool gift ideas under $30

Pizza Socks in a Pizza Box – Men’s socks can be so fun and creative, and these pizza socks do not disappoint. They even come folded in the shape of a pizza and in their own pizza box. 30 cool gift ideas under $30 Delish Cookbook: Men love delicious, hearty food like the recipes that Delish creates. My husband loves watching the Delish and Tasty recipe videos on Facebook, so if your man is anything like mine, he will probably love making and eating these recipes.

30 cool gift ideas under $30 Wireless Bluetooth Hat: – This hat is the bees knees for any music lover who likes to rock a beanie. The hat has speakers built into the fabric that are removable if you’d like to wash your hat. Simply connect your hat’s bluetooth speakers to your phone or other bluetooth device and jam out.  

30 cool gift ideas under $30

30 Cool Gift Ideas Under $30 for Her

Mama Hat (13 colors available) – How cute it this mamma bear hat?! Perfect for any new momma or seasoned mom who enjoys sporting a hat on those days life is busy and hair does not take priority. cool gift ideas under $30 Macrame Plant Hanger (Pack of 3)– Macrame is making a comeback and plants are as popular as ever. These plant hangers are perfect for the plant lover in your life who loves to display their little green friends all over the house. 30 cool gift ideas under $30 Yeti Insulated Stainless Steel Cup – Coffee is a must in many women’s lives, so you really can’t go wrong with this insulated Yeti coffee cup. It will keep your beverage hot or cold for hours on end and the cup holds a lot too! Starbucks Gift Card – Just a little treat to fill up that Yeti coffee cup with 🙂 30 cool gift ideas under $30   Diffuser and 6 Essential Oils – Essential oils are great for many things, the simplest being they smell amazing! This affordable diffuser and essential oil pack are great for anybody who already loves essential oils or are just getting into them. 30 cool gift ideas under $30   30 cool gift ideas under $30 Mini Waffles: – I already have this mini waffle maker and I just love it! It makes the perfect fist-sized mini waffles and is a fun way to change up breakfast. 30 cool gift ideas under $30 Baking Dishes: – These beautiful gold baking dishes with a pop of color are perfect for anyone who loves to cook or bake. 30 cool gift ideas under $30 5 Pack Succulents Fully Rooted in Planter Pots with Soil – If you need cute plants to put in your new macrame plant hanger, here ya go. These are adorable AND affordable. 30 cool gift ideas under $30 T-Shirt Maxi Dress – If you know a woman who loves to look great and feel comfortable, this dress will be her new favorite item of clothing. It defines the waist, is cute as all get out, and is the perfect length for any occasion. 30 cool gift ideas under $30 Platform Espadrilles – Platform Espadrilles are the new popular shoe for women, and these are too cute to pass up. Not only are they under $30 (score!), they also have rave reviews and are loved by many. 30 cool gift ideas under $30 Faux Leather Tote – To complete the outfit above, we have this perfect carry-all tote that comes in any color you could want. It’s simple, classy, and holds everything you need! 30 cool gift ideas under $30 Blue Light Glasses – Blue light glasses have recently become popular because of all the time we spend looking at screens. They work by blocking the blue light that can make your eyes weary and keep you up at night. These not only look cute but will help to protect your eyes for better over-all health. 30 cool gift ideas under $30 Laptop Backpack – Every school-aged or working woman needs a cute bag that can hold a laptop and other necessities. This bag looks cute and gets the job done well. You can also chart your iPhone with the bag which is an extra added bonus! 30 cool gift ideas under $30 Bullet Journal Pens – If you know a bullet journal lover, spoil them with these beautiful bullet journal pens that cover all the colors of the rainbow. They have a thick point and a fine point and work great for calligraphy as well. 30 cool gift ideas under $30 Journal Stencils – And you can’t have a complete bullet journal without some beautiful stencil work. These stencils have just about everything you could want for your bullet journal pages.

And That’s a Wrap!

I hope these gifts have helped you cross loved ones off your Christmas list this season! Let me know in the comments below which gift you chose and who it’s for! 🙂

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