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2nd & Third Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms and Must-Have Items


So I have to be honest. I started writing this post 5.5 months ago and never got around to publishing it. Whoops! But I guess better late than never? Starting in the next paragraph, you’ll be time traveling back to 34 weeks pregnant Meredith in her third trimester. She’ll share symptoms she’s experiencing as well as 2nd and third trimester must haves for pregnancy. It’s kind of fun time traveling isn’t it? 😉

….. you’re now reading what I wrote when I was pregnant 🙂 …..

As I’m sitting here typing this, I can’t believe I’m already 34.5 weeks pregnant. On one hand it feels like just yesterday I was crying my eyes out at that positive pregnancy test, but on the other hand my body is FEELING IT and can’t wait to get this baby boy OUT, especially so I can meet him.

Honestly, what they said is true, at least it was for me. Second trimester is a dream compared to the last weeks of 3rd trimester. Let’s recap!

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2nd Trimester Symptoms

I had so much more energy and I got my appetite back! During my first trimester, I had a constant nauseous feeling. I never actually got sick, but I pretty much constantly felt sick.

I got nose bleeds all the time. It’s really odd because I never got nose bleeds before I got pregnant, but during the 2nd trimester I had them all the time.

Sleeping was a struggle. I had major pregnancy insomnia. My pregnancy pillow was just about the only thing that helped me during the 2nd and 3rd trimester to get in a comfortable position for sleep. When I wasn’t struggling with insomnia, the pillow helped me get lots of zzzzs.

I felt kicks and hiccups from baby boy all the time. This was a FUN symptom! Who doesn’t want to feel their sweet little babe inside their belly? I mean… at midnight and 2am it wasn’t the best, but during the day I loved it.

Have you ever had a Charlie horse in your legs? If not, consider yourself extremely lucky. If so, you can relate with the agony of a charlie horse in your legs. I’d get them in the middle of the night in my calves and the back of my knees and I felt like the pain was preparing me for the pain of active labor. It was that bad.

2nd Trimester Must-Haves

Pregnancy pillow – I LOVE this one and use it every single night. I even took it on a 5 hour road trip across the state for a wedding I was in because I can’t sleep without it.

Maternity pants – I can get by without buying maternity tops or dresses. I just make what I have in my closet work. However, I can’t get away with wearing my pre-pregnancy pants. No way, no how. These maternity jeans are my favorite and so comfortable! And my Zella maternity leggings are hands down the best maternity leggings I tried out of the 5 pairs I bought. I wear these on repeat.

3rd Trimester Symptoms

I think my least favorite symptom out of all the pregnancy symptoms I had/am still having are my restless, jumpy legs. Any time I sit down on the couch to watch a show with Luke or relax on the bed, my legs start getting insanely jumpy and restless. I’ve started using a heating pad or my heated blanket to help calm them down. Applying heat to my legs has been the only thing that has helped my legs calm down and allowed me to fall asleep some nights because the jumpiness is so bad. It’s an odd pregnancy symptom I was totally not expecting!

I’m still experiencing horrible charlie horse cramps in my legs at night and it’s not a good time. You already read about this symptom in the 2nd trimester update, but unfortunately it has transferred into the third trimester.

Luke discovered vericose veins on the back of my legs a few weeks ago. Honestly, I’m not concerned about them at all. I’m fairly confident they’ll go away after pregnancy and they don’t hurt so it’s not a big deal.

I have an insane amount of pain in my ribs. Baby is transverse, meaning he’s laying horizontally in my belly rather than head down, feet up. This is causing a lot of pain in my ribs because he’s crammed between them with his head on one side and his feet kicking the other. Sometimes I want to cry it’s so uncomfortable, and I’m sure it is for him too. Honestly I feel really bad for him!

Gummy candy, anyone? I haven’t had strong cravings throughout my entire pregnancy until now. All I want are gummy things! Gummy candy, boba tea with the gummy tapioca balls, gummy vitamins, anything with that gummy consistency!

3rd Trimester Must-Haves

Sleep, energy, and sweatpants! Haha, but seriously. That’s all I need during third trimester. Oh and gummy candy of course! Are you pregnant? What week are you and what are your must-haves during your pregnancy? Let me know in the comments below!

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