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25 Random Acts Of Kindness To Bless Others This Christmas

25 Random Acts of Kindness To Bless Others This Christmas

Today is the first day of Countdown To Christmas!!!! Can you tell I’m SO. EXCITED. I will never grow out of my crazy giddy love for Christmas, just ask my friends and family… 😉 For the next 25 days leading up to Christmas, I will have fresh content for you each day relating to Christmas! From how to make an extra $500 in time for Christmas, to Christmas traditions to start with your family this year, to gift guides for everyone on your list, it’s all going to be HERE. 25 posts are coming at ya in this Countdown to Christmas series, so stay tuned! Today, we are talking about 25 ways to show kindness to others during this holiday season. Christmas is the best time of the year to spread some cheer!

1. Tell Someone Thank You

Who has gone out of their way lately to do something nice for you? It could be a family member, a friend, a co-worker, or even a stranger. Send them a text, or make it even more personal and write them a letter to thank them for the positive impact they’ve made on you. It will brighten their day!

2. Donate Used Winter Clothes and Toys

There are many people in need who could use a warm coat for the winter and maybe need a little extra help with presents for their children. Donating gently used warm winter clothes and toys that parents can gift to their children is a great way to help those in need this Christmas.

3. Bake Cookies For A Neighbor

These days, it seems as if most of us barely even know our neighbors, let alone befriend them. I know this is an area I can personally work on! Let’s break that trend. What better way than with a plate full of delicious Christmas cookies? A perfect way to break the ice 🙂

4. Pay It Forward

Have you ever been in the drive through line at the coffee stand and somebody “payed it forward”, meaning they payed for your coffee? Didn’t it make your day?! Now it’s time to make somebody else’s day and pay it forward 🙂

5. Call Your Parents

Parents pour so much love and time into their children, and it would just brighten their day for YOU to be the one to make the phone call for a change.

6. Put a Positive Sticky Note On The Mirror

It could be in your home or in a public restroom, either way you’re bound to make someone smile by leaving a positive message for them.

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7. Smile At Everyone

This one is free AND easy! You never know what a simple smile can do for someone.

8. Pick Up Trash In Your Neighborhood

It’s always sad to see our neighborhoods littered with garbage, so be the change maker and pick up the trash for others. Your neighbors will be very grateful and fresh air is good for the soul 🙂

9. Stop and Talk To A Homeless Person

I watched a video at my church the other day when we were packing meals for low income families. The video was of a homeless man, and he was expressing how sad it is to be treated like you aren’t even a person. People often times won’t even look in his direction, let alone stop and have a conversation. You don’t have to give them anything but your time and I’m sure that would make a huge difference in their day.

10. Babysit For Free

Offer to take care of a friend or family member’s kiddos for free. Free childcare is just about the best gift a parent could ask for.

11. Leave A Positive Note On Someone’s Windshield

Usually the only thing we find on our windshield’s is a parking ticket. Surprise someone with a note of encouragement, a Bible verse, or anything you’d like that would brighten their day.

12. Leave A Treat For The Mail Carrier, UPS Man, or FedEx Man

I saw this one on Pinterest and thought it was such a great idea. I know the holidays are hectic for delivery people so leaving a basket of candy bars or something of the like for them to take when they drop your package off will make them feel appreciated for all their hard work.

13. Give A Hug

Hugs make everything better, right? 🙂 Give a hug to someone who looks like they could use one.

14. Tape Quarters To Meters For Parking

We’ve all been there… we have to pay for parking and all we can find in our wallet is pennies and lint. Make someone’s day by taping quarters to a meter so they don’t have to pay for parking.

15. Give Hand Warmers To The Homeless

I can’t imagine sitting outside in the cold all day without proper clothing and warmth. You can buy a huge box of hand warmers from Costco and give them to the homeless who are sitting outside as you stop at a stoplight or walk by on the street.

16. Tie Scarves Around Poles In Your Community

I saw this last winter and thought it was such a smart idea! We have so many homeless people in the city where I live and I’m sure a warm scarf would be a welcome gift in the cold winters. Leave a kind note tied to the scarf as well!

17. Give Flowers To A Loved One

Who doesn’t love “Just Because” Flowers? 🙂

18. Put A $5 Bill In The Redbox Case Next Time You Return Your DVD

Add a note that says, “Enjoy some snacks on us tonight with your movie! :)”

19. Leave A Positive Note In Your Library Book

Before you return your book, leave a note of encouragement in between the pages and the next person who reads the book will find an encouraging surprise.

20. Make A Cup Of Tea For A Co-Worker

Or coffee or hot chocolate, depending on what they like best.

21. Leave a $5 Coffee Card in a random place

Free coffee, anyone?!

22. Visit A Nursing Home

Go to an event at your local nursing home or just visit the patients there on any given day. I’m sure they would love having someone to talk to and I bet they have some pretty neat stories from all their years of life 🙂

23. Leave A Large Tip

Everyone could use a few extra dollars around the holidays. And I’m sure waiting on people during the people holiday season can be exhausting. Brighten your server’s day by leaving them an extra large tip and a big thank you!

24. Write Letters To Soldiers

A thank you and some encouragement can make a world of difference when soldiers have to be apart from their families during the holidays. You could have your family join in with you and write several letters to mail.

25. Bring Hot Chocolate To A Salvation Army Bell Ringer

It must be a cold job standing out there all day long ringing that bell. This will make it a little warmer on the hands, and especially in the heart. 🙂

And That’s A Wrap!

It’s always a good idea to share a little extra kindness to those around us, and the holidays make it an even more enjoyable time to spread a little Christmas cheer. What have YOU done for random acts of kindness in the past? We could all use a little extra kindness in our lives this season, so let’s pass it on! 🙂 If you liked this post, don’t forget to share this list on Pinterest with the pin below. And don’t forget to subscribe using the form in the sidebar so you won’t miss another day of Countdown to Christmas in this 25 day series!! 🙂random acts of kindnessFollow me on Instagram & Facebook

25 Random Acts of Kindness To Bless Others This Christmas

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