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20 Minute Paleo Spaghetti

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On the menu today is Paleo Spaghetti! One thing I’m always on the hunt for is simple and quick recipes. I love to cook a healthy meal, but I don’t love when it takes hours on my part. It makes me lose my appetite by the time all the cooking has been done. To me, a golden recipe is one that takes 30 minutes or less, and is wholesome fuel for my body. These are the kinds of recipes you’ll find here, and this Paleo Spaghetti lives up to standard.

Now, I come from a pasta LOVIN’ family. For dinner most nights, it was pasta of some sort. And while I love pasta, my waistline doesn’t always treat me the nicest when I indulge on it too often. When I married Luke, we didn’t eat pasta for 3 months straight, I kid you not. That poor guy, he was eating all kinds of crazy creations I made up for us, including Quinoa Mac n Cheese, which he called “Seeds and Cheese” and was the one recipe that ended up in the trash that night. That’s when I came to the difficult realization that my husband wouldn’t be sustained on the same types of meals I am and I had to switch it up a bit. Give him a little of what he loves, while still incorporating healthy wholesome ingredients into the mix.

This Paleo Spaghetti was the perfect recipe for my pasta loving husband and for my health conscience self. The secret ingredient is zoodles! If you’re not yet on the zoodle train, hop aboard, because you’re about to be pleasantly surprised. My husband was definitely skeptical when I announced we were having pasta for dinner and he peered over the counter to find me shredding a zucchini onto a plate. BUT, I promise you, he loved it once he took his first bite.

The flavor of the pasta sauce and the meat is all you can taste, but the consistency of the zucchini noodles taste very similar to your everyday noodle. The result is a delicious heap of spaghetti on your plate with 3/4 the amount of calories, AND more than a whole serving of veggies. Don’t believe me? Try it, I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed. And you no longer have to worry about pasta destroying your healthy eating habits. It’s a win-win!

Paleo Spaghetti


The Recipe:

I hope this Paleo Spaghetti has turned you into a Zoodle believer! If you loved this recipe, subscribe today so you’ll be the first to receive my clean eating recipes straight to your inbox! By the end of the weekend, I’ll have up my new favorite recipe, Healthy BBQ Chicken & Mac N’ Cheese. You’ll never guess what the healthy ingredient is in the Mac & Cheese that makes it clean eating friendly.


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