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16+ Free Christmas Card Printable Templates

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Free Christmas Card Templates

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Don’t you love it when the Christmas season has arrived and your mail starts flooding in with Christmas cards galore from friends near and far? It’s always so great to see how the kids have grown, read how the family is doing, and display family and friend’s Christmas cards on the fridge or hang them on your wall for all to see. (Check out these adorable ideas to display your Christmas cards and double them as Christmas decor on a budget!)

Unfortunately, though, when it comes to creating your own Christmas card to send to others, it can become quite spendy. I have two great options for you to lower the cost substantially so you won’t have to fork up an arm and a leg just to spread some Christmas cheer. The first option is Canva’s FREE Christmas Card templates! Canva has made 100+ free Christmas card templates for you to pick and choose from. All you have to do is print them off on whatever type of paper you choose from your home printer and that’s it! Click here to start designing your own free Christmas cards or use some of the many templates Canva has already created for you, FREE! They also have some cheap paid versions of Christmas card template to choose from. You can edit the text, images, and colors on all of Canva’s templates (both paid and free versions) if you don’t like one part of the template, but like the template as a whole.

The second option is to order your Christmas cards from Shutterfly, but DON’T order them at full price!!! Just a couple weeks ago, I designed a Christmas card for my mom to send out to our family and friends. It was a beautiful design and we loved the card, UNTIL we added it to our cart, selected the number of cards we wanted, and saw the price tag! It was $98.00 dollars you guys!! For only 25 cards! Outrageous! However, thank goodness I am adamant about using Ebates every time I shop. Although Ebates was only going to give me 1% cash back for my purchase, because I have the Ebates browser button whenever I use Safari or Chrome for my internet, I was able to automatically apply Ebates when I got to my shopping cart, and you’ll never guess what happened. TEN coupons popped up for Shutterfly that I would NOT have known about if it weren’t for Ebates!

Then… It started slashing my cart price as it applied each coupon. It dropped to $32.80 you guys!!! From $98.00!!! I literally screamed in excitement and my mom, who was watching this whole thing occur, said I should be on an Ebates commercial. LOL. But I wouldn’t even have to act because I truly love Ebates so much and can’t tell you how much it’s saved me just in the past few months that I’ve had it!

If you’d like to try out Ebates for yourself, sign up here and earn your first $10! And you won’t want to use Ebates without the browser button. Personally, I would never go to the Ebates website first to check which stores have coupons or cash back. So instead, with the browser button downloaded to my internet browser, whenever I go to a website that qualifies for Ebates cash back or coupons, it just tells me to activate Ebates, so I click activate, and my work is done! All cash back and coupons will be applied to my order when I checkout. It’s SO simple I can’t tell you how enough how smart it is to sign up for Ebates for FREE. It doesn’t cost you a cent, but will save you hundreds over time.

And those are my two great options to save you tons of money on your family Christmas card this year! I hope you enjoy designing your Christmas card, and also find a few fun ideas from my Pinterest board (linked above) to display all your beautiful Christmas cards from family and friends that you’ll be receiving in the mail. If you liked this post, don’t forget to share this list on Pinterest with the pin below. And don’t forget to subscribe using the form in the sidebar so you won’t miss another day of Countdown to Christmas in this 25 day series!! 🙂

Merry Christmas!!!

Free Christmas Card templates

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