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14 Christmas Traditions To Start With Your Family This Year

14 family Christmas traditions

Want to start family Christmas traditions and make memories that will last a lifetime? These 14 ideas are perfect for families with kids of all ages, or even just husband and wife. I’ve rounded up the best, time tested Christmas traditions that are still fun YEARS later. Add a few of these to your holiday festivities and you’ll be looking forward to Christmas and family time more and more each year.

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1. U- Cut Christmas Tree

As a child, we had a U-Cut Christmas tree farm literally across the street from my house. I have the best memories piling up in our minivan with my siblings and parents to hunt down the perfect tree (and by perfect I mean spunky and full of character… those trees had massive holes in them perfect for the large ornaments to hide 😉 )

family christmas traditions


2. Write Letters To Soldiers

Christmas traditions can benefit others beyond just making fun memories with your family. Many soldiers don’t get the privilege of spending the holidays at home with their families. You can bring a little joy to their Christmas by writing an encouraging Christmas card each year that will surely brighten their spirits.

3. Caroling Around Your Community

You may feel a little uncomfortable doing this as an adult, but try to remember the kid in you. 🙂 I went caroling many times as a child and absolutely loved it. I also distinctly remember the joy that would light up on people’s faces as they opened the door to carolers. Your kiddos may love going caroling as a family and your listeners will love it as well.

4. Serve Dinner At A Soup Kitchen

Christmas is a wonderful time to spread some cheer and love to those who may not experience much of that. The holidays can be a very difficult time of the year for people who don’t have loved ones to celebrate with or homes to celebrate in. Serve at a soup kitchen and have genuine conversations with the people you serve. It may be life changing for them.

5. Make Eggnog Milkshakes and Have A Family Christmas Movie Night

YUM is there anything better than Eggnog at Christmastime?! Step it up a notch and turn your eggnog into a delicious milkshake sprinkled with nutmeg to sip on while watching your favorite Christmas movies with the fam. Perfect Christmas family movie night!

family christmas traditions

6. Go For A Drive To View The Christmas Lights and Vote On The Best House

My family is all about a little friendly competition. Turn the competition to others to save the fighting 😉 Drive around your community listening to Christmas music sipping on hot cocoa in travel mugs and pick a first place, second place, and third place house for the best Christmas lights around town. It’ll be fun to see all the creative houses people have put in the effort for othes to enjoy!

7. Be A Secret Santa For A Friend

A surprise gift always brightens a person’s day and it’s just as fun to give a surprise gift as well. Keep your ears peeled for something a friend or acquaintance might need this holiday and surprise them with it, anonymously of course!

8. Gingerbread House Making Contest

Hold a gingerbread house making contest between family members or friends and pick someone to vote or post the photos to facebook and have friends vote who should win.


9. Bring Christmas Cookies To Your Local Police And Fire Stations

As a firefighter wife, I see firsthand the hard work that goes on behind the scenes during the holidays, including on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years. My husband has been scheduled to work all the major holidays in the past and it’s hard for the many men and women who also have to work holidays instead of spending them at home with their families. Bringing cookies to our hard working fire fighters and police men around the holidays will certainly brighten their day. It might just make working the holidays feel a little more worth it when they know they are appreciated.

10. Host A Christmas Party

Celebrating Christmas is fun but it’s much merrier when celebrating with lots of friends and family! Host a Christmas party with all your loved ones. You could have a theme like a white elephant gift exchange or have everyone bring a plate of their favorite Christmas cookies. Who doesn’t love a great holiday party?!

11. Go Tubing/Sledding

If you don’t live where it snows often, take a little day trip if possible to the mountains to go sledding or tubing. I’ve lived where it snows an inch or two once a year and I’ve lived where it snows half a foot on the regular. Either way, I’ve always found a way to go sledding and it’s an absolute blast. It’s a great family friendly tradition to start this year and is a fun way to get active as well.

christmas bucket list

12. Sleep By The Tree In Sleeping Bags

This was another one of my favorites as a child. Sleeping by the tree is so magical when you’re young and I remember loving having my mom sleep downstairs by the tree with us. Use an air mattress if you’re not about sleeping on the hard floor, but your family (ESPECIALLY YOUR KIDS) will love this tradition. 🙂

13. Christmas Eve PJS

My Grandma used to send my brother, sister, and I brand new PJs every Christmas (a few days early) so we could wear them Christmas Eve night and Christmas morning opening our presents. It was a fun tradition I always looked forward to.

14. Christmas Eve Candlelight Church Service

The church I grew up going to holds a candlelit Christmas Eve service each Christmas Eve. It was my favorite way to prepare my heart for Christmas and remember why we were celebrating in the first place. Plus your little ones will LOVE getting to show off their new beautiful Christmas dresses and bow ties. 🙂

family christmas traditions

And That’s A Wrap!

These 14 fun and family friendly Christmas activities are a great way to start some memory making traditions with loved ones. Pick a favorite few to continue through the years and make your holidays even more merry and bright! If you liked this post, don’t forget to share this list on Pinterest with the pin below. And don’t forget to subscribe using the form in the sidebar so you won’t miss another day of Countdown to Christmas in this 25 day series!! 🙂

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14 family Christmas traditions

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