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Flourless Banana Oat Protein Packed Muffins

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banana oat muffins

If it seems like I’ve been posting a lot of recipes using banana lately, you aren’t wrong. When at the grocery store, my eyes always over estimate the amount of bananas I’m confident I can eat in a week. The problem is, within a few days of going to the store, I still have half the bunch of bananas left, but they are all brown. Hence, the many recipes I’ve been cookin’ up lately using banana, like my 6 ingredient paleo pancakes, or my gluten-free banana bread.

banana oat

Flourless High Protein Banana Oat Muffins

Today’s recipe, high protein banana oat muffins, are a perfect breakfast on the go or morning/afternoon snack that’ll give you a bit of protein to keep you full until the next meal. These muffins are not very sweet, which makes them perfect for a snack rather than a dessert or sweet-tooth demolisher. I love banana and nut butter combined, (who doesn’t), so these banana oat muffins are delectable with a smear of nut butter on top, especially when they’ve been warmed first. The nut butter gets gooey and really brings out the delicious banana flavor of the muffins. But, no fear if you don’t want to add the nut butter, they taste great without as well.

Why So High in Protein?

These muffins are only 96 calories each, with a powerful punch of 6g protein per muffin. They are flour free, oil and butter free, use no added sugar, and are healthy enough to eat as a pre or post workout snack. The recipe uses egg whites and a bit of protein powder which is what makes these muffins higher in protein and perfect for a healthy snack. And don’t worry, you can’t taste the protein powder whatsoever. There are only 2 scoops in the entire recipe, so you don’t have to worry about that odd aftertaste protein powder can leave. For a chocolate banana version of these delicious muffins, omit the cinnamon and use chocolate protein powder instead of vanilla. I used this chocolate protein powder and had delicious results.

banana oat

 All right, enough babble about the banana oat muffins. Time for the recipe!

Nutrition Info per 1 muffin:

96 calories: 6g protein, 15g carbs, 2g fat, 2g fiber, 5g sugar 169g sodium

*nutrition facts may change based on the protein powder you use.

I hope you enjoyed these high protein banana muffins as much as I do! Let me know how the recipe worked for you and if you enjoyed these High Protein Banana Oat Muffins!

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banana oat muffins

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  1. Dani says

    Filling these to the top as the instructions noted resulted in a big mess. Tasted great… but the muffins were massive, flowing over everywhere. I will definitely be halfing this recipe next time!

    • MeredithH says

      I’m so sorry yours overflowed everywhere! Mine didn’t rise hardly at all, they came out pretty flat as you can see in the pictures. I wonder what would have been the difference that made yours rise so much? Once again my apologies!!

  2. Sky says

    Never trust a muffin that asks for 1.5 CUPS of egg whites. Sorry Meredith, but these were a fail and I followed the recipe to a T. Next time I’ll go with my mom’s recipe.

    • MeredithH says

      I’m so sorry you felt this recipe was a fail Sky. I have several friends who use this exact recipe to make these muffins as part of their weekly snack rotation and they love them! I also make these often and have never had them turn out as a “fail” in my opinion. I guess it all has to do with personal preference and what you were looking for in a healthy protein muffin. Because these are oat banana protein muffins, they are meant to be oat-y and dense rather than fluffy as they would be if they were made with flour. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Connie says

    Sky and Dani….if you made these muffins the way you have written your remarks, then the problem may be that you misread the recipe. Dani, the recipe says to fill 3/4 of the way to the top….you comment makes it sound like you filled them to the top. Sky, your comment reads 1.5 cups of egg white….the recipe calls for 1/2 a cup.

  4. Nicole says

    Hello! I was just wondering what the effect would be if I omitted the egg whites. Are they used for a bonding agent, just for protein purposes, or a little bit of both? Thanks! Looks delicious!

    • MeredithH says

      Hi Nicole!

      The egg whites do act as a bonding agent so I’m not sure what would happen if you committed them, I haven’t tried it before. Let me know if you find something else that works! 🙂

    • MeredithH says

      Hi Dana,

      I’m so sorry the recipe isn’t showing up. The recipe plugin I use for my recipes on my blog is not working, therefore the recipes aren’t showing up. I’ve emailed the company and am eagerly waiting for a reply. The recipes were all working yesterday, for some reason the plugin is malfunctioning. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s back up and running.



  5. Michelle says

    What kind of oats do you use (quick cooking, large flake etc)?
    Also what is the best storage for these muffins (in the fridge or out) and how long do they keep.
    Thanks – can’t wait to try!

    • MeredithH says

      Hi Michelle!

      I use rolled oats and I recommend storing them in the fridge once they’ve cooled completely. My husband and I always eat them before the week is through so I’ve never tested how long they can last, however I would say they taste best when consumed within a week.

      Thanks for your comment, enjoy the muffins! 🙂

  6. Shawna says

    When it calls for 2 scoops of protein powder, how much is a scoop? Sorry if it’s a serious question.

  7. Melissa says

    This says 2 scoops of protein powder but different powders contain different size scoops. What size scoops do you use? We have the vanilla Vega powder. Suggestions on actual measurable amount?

  8. Alissa says

    I followed the recipe but it seems like my batter was much dryer than yours. I was able to scoop them into the muffin pan with a fork and they didnt rise at all. Any idea what might be going wrong? My bananas were on the small size, I used real eggs for the egg whites (4), and quick oats.

    • MeredithH says

      Hi Alissa,

      Thanks for your comment! I’m not completely sure why your batter would be dry. Did your 4 eggs equate to the half cup of egg whites? And did you use both the baking soda and the baking powder? Both are what cause the muffins to rise, but remember these muffins will not rise substantially as they are dense with the oats and bananas and aren’t made to rise the same way a “normal” muffin would. Next time I would add a bit of water to the batter if it’s too dry. Hope this helps!

  9. Alissa says

    Yes, I cracked the eggs into a 1/2 cup measuring cup and used baking soda and power. I’ll try it again though and use water if it comes out the same. Thanks!

  10. Kristina says

    I hate to say it, but we didn’t find these to taste good. The batter was plenty moist (I followed the recipe exactly), but the final product has an unpleasant texture.. maybe from the rolled oats? I even added a bit of honey to the batter before baking them, and that doesn’t seem to have helped. I used Garden of Life vanilla protein powder.

  11. Florian says

    So I made a half batch of these, using a very ripe banana, and even a bit more protein powder, but they turned out very bready and not sweet at all. They aren’t bad, they are kind of like a chocolatey (I used chocolate), banana-y oat-bread, which is great for breakfast. But not very muffin-like at all. Any Idea why that might be? Is your powder a very sweet one maybe?

    • MeredithH says

      Yes, my protein powder is quite sweet so that probably effects it quite a bit. You can always add a bit of stevia, sugar, or possibly even maple syrup or honey to sweeten up your batter a bit.

  12. Kyndal says

    Hey there! How do you store these? In the fridge or just on the counter in a container?
    Also they are delicious! Perfect little snack to grab and go.

  13. Michele Solomon says

    I made these today, as written except for adding a few tablespoons of truvia, and they are great. I feel like some people are thrown off by the term muffin. These are not supposed to be cakey dessert muffins. I struggle to get enough fiber in my diet. What are your thoughts on adding flax or chia seeds?

    • MeredithH says

      Yes, I agree! Maybe I should add that as a big bold disclaimer at the top of the post? 🙂 I think adding chia or flax seeds is a great idea! Maybe try flax seeds first since chia seeds expand with liquid.


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